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  1. By the way, how would you get passed 10 waves? What is one wave? I am tring to get the last award! Please help me. Please tell me the tactic(s) to get passed 10 waves. Whatever it is I will most likely be able to do it. Please respond A.S.A.P. Peace!
  2. Dan na na na na na na na, Dan na na na na na na na, Fat man! I love randomness!
  3. Read the rules again. You shouldn't double post, no one likes to watch you talk to yourself. Try and get to the point with your posts, if you need help just ask we don't need to hear every thought you have. If you want to talk about nothing particular there's a thread for it here. I don't know how to get all the awards I've never got around to it, however if you want help with Echoes at all there's a thread here that you should use. Oh and know what bukakke means... How would I type to people otherwise? Is there another way on this site that I could type to people without do the things above?
  4. Or does it? Indeed the auto run does not work... What would it do anyway? Would you just fire when you wanted to stop running? And how would you fire while moving? In my opinion it is better to do it manual. Peace!
  5. Okay... Maby not... Do you have to get a bunch of bad guys together? I had like 30 of my men together. Please get back to me A.S.A.P. Peace!
  6. I might know how to get one of the awards now. You will know which one I am typing about if you look around. I hope. Ha! Peace!
  7. Yah... I looked up that word too. That is were I posted it... Man! I need to pay more attention! I guess I should tell the other guy/gal that I might know how to get it now... Maby not. Peace!
  8. Thank you. I read those rules earlyer this morning though. And yes, I ramble alot. Ha! Anyway. By the way, will you please explain to me how to get the Rage Quit, I'm Deus Ex Machina, and Bukakke awards? By the way. Look up the word "bukakke"... Bleck! It is some nasty stuff. It is quite... Well... You will know what I am typing about when you look it up. Why would that be in this game anyway? Did they just want to have 10 badges or something? And the last one? I tell you... RANDOM! Anyway. Please get back to me A.S.A.P. Peace!
  9. I am not a WCS team member but I voted for that one for the second poll because I have not earthly idea. Sorry. Peace!
  10. <whisles and blows his head off> For the love of the Hybrid!!! How on earth did you get near 50 minutes??? Please tell me the tactic(s) you used. My personal best is in this link: http://forums.wecrea...i-hail-you-all/ . Sorry. I posted it in my own thread. I did not look to see if there was a thread for this. Peace! Again please tell me the tactic(s) you used. Wow... About 45 minutes... Peace! PLEASE teach me your ways oh great administrator! (Unless it is a glitch.) Peace! 17:51 Yah! New Record!!!
  11. By the way, my longest time in Survival Mode right now is this... 17:33 I will be able to get higher but it will take time. How about anyone else?
  12. Wait. What was this thread about? ... Wow... It really took my about 10 seconds to remember then I looked at the "Replying to Feedback" green strip at the top of this box... Wow.... I think it is just because I have been awake for so long. Anyway. When you first start something on the game you have to click something to be able to move. There are alot of spelling errors as well as grammar errors in the game too. Plus, were all the freaking foul words really needed? What if some little kid came along and played this game? Ah well... I guess they should read the terms and all of those things. Well... If that did happen you would have the parents to blame and if not, that child would be abandoned or abused or all sorts of things. Think of the children... Ha! Anyway. Sorry for the emotionaly stuff there. Peace!
  13. Okay... Yah... I like to have an archive of things if I can. I like to have a new copy of papers at school if I can to save it. So it would be nice if there was a downloadable version of this. Plus, I stay in the house way to often so it would be nice if I did not have to have internet to play it. Well, it is still my birthday so maby this wish will come true. Peace!
  14. Wow... It is right there in the title! I mean really! I was so stupid. I thought it was something else like a question that only a true geek would know or something; no offence. By the way though, I would LOVE to be a true geek but alas I am only 15 TODAY!!! Yah, woot, woot! It is my 15th birthday today! I have been up since midnight and I plan on going a day without sleep. I know that is very... well... kind of stupid, but hey! I am 15 and I am still young! Party on I say. Even though I am not the parting type. There are a few things that you all should know about me before I start posting everywhere. I have a new issue. By that I mean simply that you might see many, many, many, accounts of mine. But know this! I will try my best to keep to one account. After all it is my birthday and it is a new beginning you could say. Anyway. I love the game Echoes too. Are there really two "e"s in that word or is it just for the game? Also. I pray that you all have delt with people that are very annoying because I might seem like someone like that to you. Make no mistake though. I do try my best to not be annoying. So, administrators please, if you will be so kind, try not to get too angry with me and block my IP address like the text based game I was working on called Dead Souls did. If you would like to check it out you could go to this link: . Anyway. I think that will be all for now. Peace!