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  1. I just got 22 minutes and 15 seconds. Booyah baby!!!
  2. Nevermind, I got it!!!
  3. Greetings, I hail you all.

  4. A UEN Commander Complete Stage Three. Medal Of Honor Compelete the campaign. Bloody Hybirds Eliminate 125 Hybrid targets. Rage Quit Close the game after you die and come back instantly. I'm a Survivor Survive 3 waves in the unlockable Survival mode. I'm Deus Ex Machina Survive 10 waves in the unlockable Survival mode. Lord of War Unlock all weapons and abilities in the unlockable survival mode. Bukakke Manage to have 20 enemies on the screen at the same time in the unlockable Survival mode. Adventurer Visit out sites Never Give Up Play the unlockable Survival mode 15 times. Now I have a question. Can you even get the I'm Deus Ex Machina award? I survived 17 minutes and 26 seconds and longer and I am sure that in that length of time I should have gotten it.