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  1. I am well yet I could not feel any more like an experiment than I do right now. Know what that is from? Anyone? I will tell you all with my next post.

  2. Hmm... And I love you for that. That being you are the only programmer behind Echoes. It is quite an achievment to me. The only problem with that is that it takes so darn long to make the next one. Maby you should ask someone else that is about the same skill level as you to help with the making of Act 2 and/or Act 3. Then it would have even more ideas in it. Then again you might lose your spotlight but that is a small price to pay for your fans. Besides we would always remember you as the wounderous first programmer of the fantastic game that we call Echoes. By the way, when did Act 1 first come out? Please do not give me any crap about another thread. Please just answer the question.
  3. Hehehe... I quoted you.
  4. Greetings, I hail you all. I wounder how many hits "we" have now. I know I am not a part of "we" but I like to feel that way sometimes. No need to take legal action. Maby by now we have over a billion. By the way, the highscore table does not work and I would love to be able to view my high scores. You also have to click before you can move after a scean is over but if you do not it does not scroll down. I am not really one for making these types of games... yet. I am on my way; I am starting with text based games. Some day I hope to know as much as most of you know. But hey! On the bright side maby you can help me along? Please? By the way I got a 1 TB drive for my birthday on friday the 18th. I am only 15 too. I love my parents...