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    uhh... Half Life 1 & 2 and its many mods, Portal, EVE Online even though i havent played that in a while, Crysis 1, the second one not so much, Assassins Creed, System Shock 2 and Bioshock as well. Left 4 Dead is amazing too.

    other than gaming, i like making youtube videos with my friends regardless of reception, i just like to get some feedback. I've been working every once in a while on a instant action mappack for half life 2 but as usual will be released when its done. I like to make music in my head because my mind is a good enough audiance. I like going insane and babbling about Cloverfield.

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  1. Portal 2 Soundtrack got released... For Free!

  2. was poking around in the portal 2 sdk, now that portals can work on moving surfaces i figured some sort of insanity could be made
  3. hes dead now. lol
  4. AWESOME! I am in that video, It says at the start "I don't like being at the swing" and then a guy says "I'm still filming" *Goes inside house* "It sucks that i don't have FPS shown, so i can't sense when she comes" *Goes to the Attic* "OOH" "Learn it Andy, Bitch, LEARN IT"! hahah thats awesome, yours was funny
  5. What plot twist/easter egg? The one with the Gravity gun (etc...)? I wasnt sure if it was trying to imply that the gravity gun may have come from aperture. Its been a while since i played hl2, dont remember if they mentioned anything about it. Its probably just a cameo. Also that picture is awesome, where was that at?
  6. no clue what their saying its in danish
  7. Hey check out the portal two comic they just released There also either a super big plot twist on page 4, or a really crazy easter egg...
  8. Pc gamer did the story on it, i was gonna put a link to it but it seems the story was taken down
  9. The pictures clearly dont look half life related, but a lot of them are very strange. What do you think the game could be? Close ups of pictures here
  10. preordered, paid it all off, now its just 18 days untill release
  11. Some of this guys stuff is pretty funny also, im the guy who made it in the bathroom from the last vid put up!