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  1. Sorry, this is pretty much irrelevant. But hi Zlandael. You could have asked me you know, as I play mods a lot, and I happen to be on your friends list.
  2. No, Isn't his wife Japanese. And no, we have no idea. We can really only speculate that she's Asian.
  3. ViolentValentine, this is in response for your earlier post. No, we don't know if Jake's dad runs the facility. It's very likely that they are connected. We don't know if the facility is just a prison. Many prisons would preform unethical things (experiments, blood milking etc...) to its prisoners. The facility could be a part of a laboratory. Which comes back to the idea that Jake was "created" or effected at a laboratory that his dad did work for. Now onto more interesting things. The Man talking at 1:55 (great voice acting by the way) provides us with some ideas of what could be happening. Keep in mind that The Man infers that he worked for Jake's dad. 1. Jake finds his dad when he is at this facility. The Man could be the leader of the Super Soldiers and/or the organization that orchestrated the terrorist attack. The Man has caught both Jake and his dad and does his speech. From what happens here, we can only guess. 2. The Man could have personal ties to Jake's dad. The Man encounters Jake and believes that Jake betrayed his dad (For what and why, no idea). Which ever one it is, The Man seems and sounds like the protagonist in this chapter. I don't know if any of the other characters work for The Man and reported to him. I'll try to post my whole theory of the Trailer later, I'm currently too busy (not busy enough to write this) to write a long convoluted theory about the plot. Please post your theories, it's better to get different angles and ideas on the story.
  4. Also, does anyone know what happened to one of the posts that's disappeared?
  5. Again, please post comments relevant to the subject on hand if you can. On that note, I take a abrupt turn and lol at the above post.
  6. SPOILERS! They are part of a event that occurs at night if you stay in your closet. Prepare to get freaked
  7. Well, good luck. I can never wait to see what games great modders make. Hopefully it will be sold on Steam.
  8. EDIT: Sorry about all the grammar, spelling and incomplete sentences, but hey, it was 10 at night. And for whatever reason I have just identified Her as Emily. And what are you talking about Hen?
  9. I was wondering Hen if you would ever make another source mod game after Echoes, or is it like a Indiana Jones thing, you need to come up with a good plot?
  10. After reading many threads, responses from Mxthe and general ideas, I have come up with some notions about what is going on. Spoilers ahead! First, I know you may have read this before, but bare with me and be warned, this is long. Now, we all know that there's a little bit more about Emily's death that meets the eye. Why else would she haunt Jake, her former lover. But maybe lover no more. When we enter Jake's dreams, we encounter the Guilt, his subconsciousness. If you face him, you will die. Maybe Jake doesn't want to face the truth about something. It could very well be that he killed Emily! The only scenes we see of Jake's reaction is on the title screen, which shows Jake discovering Emily dead in blood soaked bath tub. Maybe that's what Jake wants to see, but is not the truth. Also, during the day, Emily is not covered in blood, only at night. This might mean that she died at night. As well, she appears to be at the fullest of her strength at night, where she emerges from the bathroom. Now she seems to be soaked in blood. Another point is why was she found dead in the tub with her dress on? Like all ghost stories, ghosts always appear as they were in they're last form. Emily's was in her dress. Odd. As the chapters continue, we will find more diary pages that will give us a insight into Emily and Jake's relationship. Something else peculiar is that in Nightmare House 2 there is another spirit called Emily who looks close to the Underhell Emily. While the plots do not cross, they share the same universe, so because NH2 Emily can exist, the the Underhell Emily also can exist. Now, about Jake. His father left him because of something. We know he worked for a company that most likely was experimental science. One day, something happened there. Could it be that Jake was brought along that day and it affected him? Or was he born that day, related to that experiment. Jake's father had to leave him probably to both go into hiding and to get Jake away from him, into safety. Maybe the government or the men who masterminded the terrorist operation in the story where trying to find Jake and his father and kill them, or study Jake. Now, while many may think that the message and letter from Doctor Romero of NLH hospital was in contact with him due to Jake possibly suffering from hallucinations. As you should know, Doctor Romero was at the same time in the process of developing a machine that could affect your mind, control you or give hallucinations, so we know that the dear Doctor knew what he was doing and talking about when he was in contact with Jake. While the Nightmare House 2 and Underhell are not connected, they are in the same universe so what Doctor Romero did can be replicated. Later on, I'll get into the hallucinations more. In the story, when Jake is put into the Gas Room, he reacts differently to it. It could be a Hulk thing where when he gets angry, he changes. But I digress. He turned into The Beast, dubbed so cleverly by the community, when he came into contact with those fumes for a while. It very well could have been a bio logical reaction to whatever happened with his father and that "experiment" all those years ago. Now for the Story. This address's several things. First, when Jake's friend gets shot down in the Helicopter, your aloud to examine the crashed chopper. One thing that you will notice is that there is no body. I asked Mxthe this and he said that he could have been flung from the chopper, incinerated or something else. Sorry Mxthe, but no helicopter explosion and crash like that will every destroy a body completely. And the trajectory would send that body down the street but there was no body in sight. So Jake's friend still has a role to play. Plus, you don't just kill off a character like that and be done with it when there are so little main or secondary characters. Now, about that shadow government. The only taste of this group of people is the very G-man like character interviewing Jake. They seem very interested in Jake. Could they be the group that his father hid him from? Or is it that terrorist cell with very high tech troops. Now, when does this all take place? The military is not going to let Jake run home to catch a nap. I think that the House and the story are very interwoven. I think that Jake is hallucinating the events that happened in the story while he's at home. That would explain the paranormal activity, the dreams and events. To add the final nail to this coffin, to go to the next chapter, you must enter through a door in your dreams. That means that Jake could be dreaming these past events. Something else that's peculiar is a letter he gets, telling Jake to stay away from Her. Could this be another hallucination from his past, when a neighbor noticed that Jake's relationship with Emily was not quite right? Or is it Jake's subconsciousness bubbling up to the surface? Hopefully some of these questions will be answered in the coming months while new ones sprout out. Please add to this thread with you own ideas. And watch out for any responses from Mxthe on this thread. Thank you for taking the time to read this very long theory. And this is for you Mxthe. Great job on making this so very twisty, complicated but overall interesting and great plot.
  11. Yes, in fact, this is all the mail that i get, probably a bug. You can link this to the web of ideas in another thread. Most likely, there is more that meets the eye about Her death, and this has something to do with it. Something that's a tad interesting. Just when does the events of the house take place compared to the events taking place in the campaign? I asked this question, but to no avail. My current theory is that Jake is reliving these events through his dreams (Which would explain why he enters the next chapter through a door in his dreams. Its also been said that he is suffering from hallucinations. So my theory on this letter is that its another part of him saying to stay away from Emily, or someone had been observing Jake and Emily and must have noticed that there was trouble. So, due to hallucination, he's seeing this letter again. This is just my theory however, and mxthe probably has a twist in the story up his sleeve.
  12. I hope that the further you progress in the game, the more scary the scares become, as if your slowly losing your mind.
  13. NH2 also hid some eggs in the game files.
  14. Hello, I'm starting this thread up just to make it easier for everyone if they have a question about Underhell. Please only post questions that have not been asked before and try not to spoil anything. Thanks!
  15. That's right, NH2 is getting Co-op, but its not being made by We Create Stuff. Instead, having permission from WCS,the crew behind Demons Vs. Humans is making it. From what they say, they're planning to change things up a bit to make it more scary for MP. "have you ever felt the real horror in a MP session?... But we think that we have the right ideas to change that, so you can cry some moar." Hopefully, they will be able to do this mod justice.