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  1. Probably better than the actual trailer. Sorry Mxthe, but that trailer doesn't show off the brilliance that is UnderHell and it should really be re-worked. I found the trailer good but it really just showed some Action gameplay Nothing about the house I think...
  2. The Trailer for the gameplay videos Is ready and should be up after sometime...not for long sux but what the heck...
  3. Okey thanks
  4. Im gonna start making underhell Gameplay Commentary videos on youtube, I will play through the "Missions" and "The House" and finnish all mysteries and everything...(I will shit my pants) And I am making an intro for the "Underhell" gameplay videos right now Just wanted to let you know if you would like to watch me shit my pants while playing the house or something... p.s And yeah I was wondering if I could use the piano song that is in the game for the "Intro" or "Trailer" for my gameplays ? [EDIT] The "trailer" for the "Gameplay videos" is nearly complete and I have already made a if anyone is interested here it is:
  5. But there is one thing i just cant find out...still the game tells me that i have found all the misterys...but i just cant find the batteries! Are they not out yet ? Still i saw a vide on youtube and a guy had the batteries !
  6. Well i cant wait
  7. Hmmm... I just found out that the "Menu Background Pictures" are the real intro here.... Just look at this video (Not made by me)---: But in one of the pictures you can see "Frank" and behind him a big fire burning... Did they burn "Her" and made her ash? p.s and I found something else out... Outside the "Storage House" were the 3 breifcases are ...just at one of the sides there is something that looks like a grave...I tried to use the shovel on it...but did not work... I bet the thing that looks like a grave will be usable in later updates I just wanted to share this (Hope I did not waste anyones time)
  8. Will the house upgrade in each chpater ?
  9. I have only tested Dota in Starcraft2 and its good at some points bad at another ... still valve is the best so i look forward to it
  10. Hmmm...Im not sure...You could just lower the graphics or something ?
  11. He is working on chapter 2 right ?
  12. I took "Her" stuff in putted it in the big trash bin outside the house and it said something but at the same time nightime started so i could only see "Night Time" not what my guy was thinking before :S So... What did my guy think... p.s I shut down the game immediately because my "Scary" sense just Brrrrr ...
  13. Hello im new... I love "We Create Stuff" I just completed Night mare house 2 and Underhell first chapter...(i think not the house it so damn sacry ) Well i just found out some days ago you made portal: flash game that was an awesome job Well that is all