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  1. I had a feeling you'd say that. *gulps* T.T
  2. Underhell most likely will be placed in a bit of action once Chapter comes around. But I will not be asking for spoilers, Unless the question is spoiling. How will the survival aspect be approached if Chapter 1 or later Chapters are released? Will it simply me moments that kick in where you simply have to avoid her for a whole night? Or use a very useless yet crude hand-held item to defend yourself by going headon with her and her scare tactics? Or will be it be a form of Gathering essential items and camping out a spot while fighting back "her" influences? Or will you take it entirely differently? Just thought I'd ask.
  3. ...Oh you >w> ...But what could be far worser then Hell itself? doth the woman be not whom we think it be, but a demon that came into the house by some means!? What could be under hell itself!?
  4. Besides the mental thing, i think your spot on about those facts... ...She could be a memory, or shes really back from the grave, but as two separate entities. One which to condemn you by any means nessecary...but it seems she cant since you only just wake up after a attack, so something or "someone" is saving you at these moments... At day, she does just spook you, but shes just looking out for you and keeping you on your toes. ...So far the Dark side of her cant come out freely during the day, and the basement is probably not dark enough... ...The attic, however, is even where she can get you even in the day since its dark enough up there... ...The Attic... The Bathroom... and that one spot in the Kitchen, they have a connection since she reacts the most to those locations. ...I fear for the further progressions in Underhell, even if you decide to spend outside from the house, she will find someway to get you... But your right, its his guilt [Warning, spoilers or possible theory, dont read if you dont want to] That moment when he was exposed to the gas, he became, what i could only assume, a completely animalistic mindless and ferociously dangerous monster, powerful enough to kill everyone to a point of spill all their blood to fill a mall from the floor up... A MALL!? That gas must be VERY dangerous... And cause of his exposure...a new life runs around in his mind, but it has developed over his guilt of what he has done, and i guess his mind did the only thing it could is lock it away. But it keeps breaking out easily, getting to him, and running off afterwards in his mind... ...The Wife, the Monster of Guilt, the Gas...
  5. Ah-hahahahaha! He never saw it coming~! xD Nice Accent though xD
  6. Feel evil sinister, My Dark Lord, You have placed the spirit of fear into thousands ;P lol
  7. Haha, true xD Still its funny to see their reaction
  8. There is something odd about her behavior now when i think about it. During the day, shes actually just trying to scare you on a small scale and just watch you, as though shes keeping a eye out for you or waiting for you to do something specific. During the Night, she turns things up and gets really violent and frightening... Mostly ending up getting you "killed" and waking up again. But one thing, it might be because i dont keep track of the time is that the Attic entrance and the Phone [at night i think] is when she gets really violent, the Bathroom one is a no brainer. Why does she react the most to those three places? I really hope more chapters release so i can see more action and see more house activity and events, to see more of the story... but... im worried for that one event where you can really get killed and have to start over, and you will have to becareful how you tread in the house. Its either almost like there is two of her... or shes got a dark side to her that really. really. really. REALLY doesnt like you and takes over during the night or when trying to get to the attic.
  9. Even though everytime she attacks you, you end up waking up again, I wonder why shes doing this to the player... but im more concerned about a event where you will actually get killed >.<
  10. Tell me atleast you get to use the gun in someway around the house, I have to stay out in the shed both day and night...
  11. I notice a scary face in the clouds This is a very clever unique feature to the game Wait, what? I don't see a scary face in the clouds (and I don't think there's supposed to be one either ). I think It's just the texture repetition ;D there is, notice the top side, two dark eyes and a dark frowning smile on the top as it pans by~! OOOOHHHH Whens the next Chapter released!? I havent played the game in a while but now im getting scared at night >.<
  12. Oh, Hi. And alright... ...I have a question, is the Mailbox the only safe place to be? ;-; And i will tell you One thing, i love the Day-to-night transition I notice a scary face in the clouds This is a very clever unique feature to the game
  13. I have recently download this Mod...and i must say im scared out of wits end, Sure, doing your job as a special operative in various situations is a nice job and distraction but... it scares the heck out of me when your home rather then out on the field... ...That gas turning the player [in what i assume so no spoilers] into a wild beast has something to do with that... "Thing" in your dreams... And why "she" watches you so... ...Man... im not alone in the house... Though i get the feeling she may or may not mean any hamr but she can only step up her events and activity depending where you are, whatcha do...but mostly by night >.< Im tempted to wonder when there will be holy Crosses in the game so i can tack them on the door's and hold out there till then so she cant reach me in there... even going out the door, and staring at that locked door down the hall scares me to bits. I have to ask, personally, can you ever die from her "influences"? Or she just makes you go to sleep after spooking you and makes you go back to your bed before you wake up? More importantly... when shall the next Chapter be released? ... I have checked around if anyone asked... but when does it? Im growing quite scared and concerned... Im tempted to just sit outside the house day and night next to the mail box ._. ...