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  1. Well, your post is not completely clear on who you are aiming this to, however, I myself do require some level editors that will indeed need to put in place those cut-scene sequences, Please have a look at my mod progress so far with The mines, the style of the mod is very much an adventure, puzzle horror mod that is designed using the hammer editor with half-life 2 episode 2, If you are interested, please contact me here or at the mines mod page. As well as putting in those sequences, I will need you to help create levels to speed up the development date on which the demo will be released. Also if you could post some examples of your work if you are interested. If you do not possess half-life 2 episode 2, then unfortunately, you cannot join in on the project, however you CAN provide instances used in half-life 2 such as, scripted sequences, elevators ect. Hopefully, you will join us! Thank you
  2. Hello, I am looking for a 3d model designer that is an expert at using either maya, softimage or 3ds max and that can add custom animations to the models. My mod can be found HERE and it is a half-life2 episode 2 horror modification, as well as induducing puzzles, bosses and unique objects that will open up places later on in the mod. The key reason why I need a model designer is so they can create a new boss model which is dynamic and made of flesh and to make some jemstones of varous colours as if they were scattered on the floor. If you are interested, please let me know as I really need to get these models created and finished out of the way.
  3. You haven't provided a lot of information, but what id your mod about? you say that your not allowed to say but why? Also, how big is this map of yours that makes you think that you can make a mod out of it? These are just questions, not criticism.
  4. hello, I am looking for a few people to help me create a mod for half-life 2 episode 2. I require the following skills: -Level designers -Model creators -Skin designers -Sound composers I will be helping in the level design as I have had quite a lot of experience making quite a few maps that really never came to anything, but I am determined to make a decent mod, with YOUR help. The basic storyline is that you are thrown down an abandoned mine shaft at the start by two police, for unknown reasons, and that you have to make your way through the deserted tunnels and mining buildings to make it to the surface, even then you need to find the police that threw you down that shaft and find out who ordered it. The general environments will be dark and damp, for the section in the mines, then it will progress to warm, sunset atmosphere as you begin to reach the surface. There will be antlions, antlion guards and headcrab zombies to fight, but the general element is to make the mining complex huge, much bigger that on the decent down into it. I would be very grateful if you replied to this thread and let me know what you think, I have tried, but they just criticized me. contact me via steam, and my steam account is "supascott" and my profile picture is of "bill" form L4D, or on here... if you can do that. Thank you for your time, I hope this project is worthy of gaining some attention.