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  1. I uploaded my other font cause a friend wanted it Has a aperture science symbol () as small o and portal symbol as big o as stated before, it's named the same as the first one, so if you have the first one installed you may have to uninstall it([Windows XP and lower] [vista and 7]) If you want both and would like me to rename one of them just tell me. Any ideas of other symbols/things that could be characters in the font? EDIT: I am an idiot, forgot to put the link in DOWNLOAD IT HERE
  2. has edited their status

  3. Sorry about that, didn't realize that the last post was so long ago, better look more carefully next time Thanks!!!! Also, I have another version where the lowercase o is the aperture science logo... any takers? I'm happy to upload it (It will be a different name to this one... what should i be? "Portal with ASL" [aperture science logo]? or you could also delete the other one and I call it the same thing. Any suggestions? I use Kaspersky too ^-^
  4. I edited THIS font (The font of portal [without the O]) and changed the capital O with the symbol DOWNLOAD IT HERE don't trust the link? it leads to here: Edit: Just saying I am claptwotimes on dA