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  1. qft, chapter 2 is in the city, right? a mod of this calibre and quality will take a lot of time
  2. Seriously. WHERE THE HELL ARE MODERATORS?! (i had to put that through google translate lol) i've seen something like that on several forums, for some reason especially source mod forums, especially where SMOD is mentioned
  3. nice
  4. Also quick question, when does stuff start to happen in chapter one? I've been prancing about the house waiting for stuff to happen, going to sleep after I fixed it, walk about with the same hint about a noise in front of the house without anything happening and this has been going on for ages. do i need to spook around at night and absolutely shit myself, do I need to take down the dreamcatcher? what? edit: nvm i got past it holy shit do i have to play the nightmare sequences ;-;
  5. But the way you respond to Mxthe's words is not really nice (at least for me). yeah that was not cool of me tbh
  6. You got a bad memory then. Y'know I still have that old version of the Prologue, I can upload it for you so you can be sure. And all arguments above are just simple "AW CUM ON SMOD HAD MUCH MORE BLOOOOOOD!" Seriously, get over it. Underhell didn't become any worse after "losing" a little features. Well shit, look at me all fucking stupid over here asking a question and expressing how I like the feel of the old SMOD version better (also didnt that have collision based movement and camera, which was really awesome) than the new one. Sure I said they could go looking for a way to implement some of the juicy features, because I really wouldnt mind, but I'm not flat out requesting nor pressuring the devs to do anything lmao
  7. dude the normal smod dismemberment is hardcore as shit, but not as good for stealth I gu- Actually you could get rid of the gibs in SMOD by pressing E on them, so unless you can eliminate blood splatters in game in the new version its gameplay functionality would be pretty much the same Aw come on, that floaty, frictionless, physics defying dust is hardly as satisfying as the thick juicy gushing streams of bloody blood that's in SMOD Actually I'm pretty sure slowmo was available all the time in the prologue
  8. Yo, Underhell creators, let me inform you of BSNOOCH, a very SMOD-Centric forum. I bet you 50 bucks there will either already be SSDK2007 support already or someone that will do it there.
  9. I just downloaded chapter 1 and replaying the prologue and noticed that a lot of the old juicy features are gone, now the blood is casual, no awesome gibbing, no slow-motion, no leaning etc. . Are these deliberate adjustments or side effects of leaving the SMOD Engine?
  10. I found the FF_Scarlett folder, with naked lady textures. WHAT THE CHICKENBURNING F**KC*CKS!?
  11. When leaving my room after continuing in the house, i saw "What the" appear on the screen, and music/tense/whatthe.mp3 started playing, but nothing happened that i noticed. What does it mean?
  12. Are cries one of those sound scares?
  13. Thanks for your answers, I appreciate it
  14. I was gonna try to unlock every secret, so i decided to throw the box out, but when i picked up the box, i head crying, until the box went into the trash. Anyone else heard it? Also, what is the shovel for? Someone said it digs up some keys to the door to the right when you go up the stairs.