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  1. So, since mxthe is working on other projects and Chapter 1 is being reworked into the Source 2013 w/ new art and Steam release so Chapter 2 is not under development. Is my assumption correct? How long will it take for CH2, 2/3 years? Thx for answer.
  2. The only source engine game with free roam I know about is EYE, its possible but limited.
  3. So I replayed the whole thing, some feedback: - story makes some sense, but still incedibly confusing so my take: - its incredibly easy to miss out stuff, I missed even more cards than during the first play, also I didn't even get to the explosive radios - the highlighted objectives sometimes take the fun out it, the first version felt like exploring was more important - the roaming parts in the first safe room area felt much shorter, there were only 2 survivors I think(3 with the nurse), weren't there supposed to be more? - there should be a warning that after you finish, going into the fog will rewrite your chapter 1 stuff and achievments, or it shouldn't even happen - the prison riot scene is lacking, it doesn't even seem like a riot, theres just 3 guys standing - the most enjoyable parts (mgps, marcus) can end very quickly, I think you can kill marcus with 1-2 shot with colt python - its too easy to avoid Angelo, you can only see him once after you know what to do, maybe make him teleport closer to the player?
  4. guess who
  5. I would like to see infected people who are not yet zombified, but something in between. Crazy aggressive, with some thinking capability.
  6. I'm not sure which version I played, do you mean the endless labs sewer hordes?
  7. After you recognize the horde cue, the game becomes a lot simpler. How about some unexpected hordes from time to time?
  8. So are you going to replace everything like the ACE suits and stuff? What about characters?
  9. I also have a question, is the prologue part of the soundtrack available somewhere other than youtube? Also is it possible to redownload it if I lose my files or whatever?
  10. Finally, I'm going to play it again the moment it gets released.
  11. Yes, Angelo needs to return probably in a butchery way. dancing banana is here, awesome
  12. I still wonder about Black Mesa, isn't it a year already? And BTW. there are actually people who won't try it out if its not on steam.
  13. I tried many times but it only worked once, by touching him, and then I got flaming game over scene.