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  1. Tried reinstalling? If reinstalling NH2 doesn't work, try reinstalling Half Life 2: Episode 2 (that usually helps, but I'm not sure how in this situation. Worth a shot).
  2. Do you even OWN Half Life 2 Episode 2? If not, then sorry to bring bad news, but you'll have to buy it before playing ANY Hl2 Ep2 modification. If you do, you may have a bad copy. What do you mean "Torrent" It's slower than the actual download and can give you viruses or computer problems. Try downloading it from the actual website.
  3. Sadly, it's not a mod, but someone uploaded all of Emily's lines backwards on Youtube (or, whatever, anyway you know what she says). I don't have a link for it, because right now my internet's so slow it won't let me load up youtube, but you can find it. I think one of her lines were "Nightmare House 3 will take place on the moon" Can't wait for NH3 *reads thread saying their's no NH3* GODDAMNIT!
  4. Everyone's glad you're not one of those idiots who think having 20 zombies filling the one room is scary. But seriously, good games.
  5. No, you can't. You can get steam for mac, EP2 for mac, but unless the creator of the game you want for mac or some experienced coder actually programs it, then no, you will not get a NH2 for mac Not many ways around this, unless you have Windows installed on your Mac computer, which will probably make it run terribly or something. so...yeah...as much as anyone wants NH2 for Mac, I wouldn't count on it.
  6. I played the game, finished it, than came up with a great idea. What about a multiplayer mod for NH2? 2 teams: All players go swat, but one lucky, lucky person gets to play as Emily. all Emily has to do, really is kill them whether it be a zombie, slap or flying objects. Swat: 50 health have machine guns, 9mm pistols, and knifes. can set C4, tripmines, claymores and mines. Can acquire more health from health kits. Has items such as motion senser, the normal FPS HUD, and a fancy radio to talk to other players with a fancy menu (like in TF2 or CS:S, if anyone actually plays) Only has a certain number of lives (set by the server) Gets money from things such as: Surviving 10 seconds=$5 Killing a zombie=$50 Killing Emily=$1000 Victory results in victorious-sounding music playing as it displays the scoreboard, and loads the next round. Emily: 100 health Has no weapons Abilities: The ability to turn corpses into zombies (preset on map), The ability to dissapear and reappear at will, being able to punt/hold objects at a 3m distance (5 seconds use, 5 second cooldown period) Able to use manikins to replace a player, teleporting that certain player to their death, or just scare the crap out of 'em. Can disguise as a SWAT by walking up to a body and using them. Can heal by killing a player, but cannot get health from medkits. Victory results in a kind of scary ambient music playing with Emily insulting the SWAT team/ Being proud of herself in backwards english. Maps: Probably some recreated from campaign, such as areas from Never Lose Hope hospital, or even inside the house itself. Map specialties: As said before, corpses that Emily can turn into zombies. Traps that Emily can set, such as part of a bridge collapsing when a SWAT member steps on the spot Emily sets. Traps that are preset on the map that even Emily can fall into. Respawn point for SWAT, unreachable by Emily, such as a chopper with robotic sentries that fire when they pick up Emily's signal. Physics objects, for Emily to throw/carry around. Others, depending on who makes the map. Cash/Weapon stashes, with traps or something remotely dangerous around to drive players away from them(except for more adventurous players) An objective, such as retrieve documents, clear the area *Kill Emily*, Survive for 5-10 minutes for EVAC, Reach an EVAC point, kill a certain player, who's Emily in disguise, and so on. That's all I have to offer for ideas, but if anyone does pick this up and say "Ima gonna make this", Hope you can make it better by coming up with more ideas.
  7. Already saw it before I registered on this site. Still laughin' my ass off just thinking about it
  8. I actually feel kind of sorry for her. I think she died, and she was married or something to whats-his-face, the scientist guy, and I just wanted to shoot him in the face myself after I figured that out. In short, I can trust her too. kind of.