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  1. Thanks for the reply, NeatNit ! I'm not kidding, I can't play them... I can open them in Sound Recorder for example, but the "Play" button is greyed-out. I looked at the file's properties, and there's no type of file listed (PCM for example), so all the players are confused and can't play them. Here's an example: I can play the "weird1.wav" file from the sound/nh2 (PCM) but I can't play the the others, for example "NH2dream1.wav" (? type). What encoder did they use for these files ? I've also modded myself games (of different types), so it's not like I don't know my way around the computer and stuff...
  2. Hi ! Most of the WAV files can't be played in Windows Sound Recorder or any other player. I'd like to make some ringtones for my phone, but can't open these files. I can play the MP3 files, made some ringtones from them, but not the WAV files. Could you please give me a hand ? Thanks ! (I've been watching the whole MOD gameplay on Youtube (nice MOD, btw) and then downloaded the MOD in order to get the sound files... :-) But couldn't open :-( , since many of them are some kind of unrecognized WAV format).