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  1. omg I have a Edit-Bug here... wtf? So I try to fix it by myself, sorry if that Quote isn't like a orignal copy. Thanks Ethan, so coaxing actually those two simple steps I've never figured out. Gotta try it out today. I'm just thinking of way to complicated of this Problem, I guess. Let's hope this will be the solution! I'll edit my result into this Post soon. That Edit thing here is totally damaged I've done a clean reinstall and it worked like a charm. TIP: You have to deinstall NH2 & HL²Ep.2 first, if you got the same Textures-Bug ingame. I cleaned my Registry with TuneUPutility, to make sure there's no reg-key of both Games which could make Problems. I can't lead you into doing this manually, because it's always risky to change something in the Registry without any knowledge! Next thing is... you should tidy up your Steam folder, actually if there's left a NH2 and/or Episode 2 folder in your SteamApps folder you have to delete it, if you want a clean deinstall. If you finished to deinstall, so install both Games now and it should work fine. Greetings, WALL-E
  2. Hi Community, so I've played Nightmare House Remake without any Problems, but in Nightmare House 2 I'll get some weird Floor's in the Prologue Map. So I stoped playing, because this killed the Atmosphere... (Attached it) It kinda looks like some Wireframe-Object/Model Failure. If I grab one of those Squares around there, they have no Front-&Backtextures, but from the Side. The Model/Object seems to be fine tho, but it's just disturbing and they are transparent, too. The missing Textures are invisible I think or just not there and transparent. So If anyone know's how to fix this please tell us. FAQ; Q: Do you even have a Steam-Acc. and HL²Ep2 ? A: Yes I do. Unfortunately I had some Problems with my Graphics and already fixed them... except for this Problem. Q: What have you tried already? A: Oh well so many Things, from Forums... Primary copied the HL²Ep2 content Files into the ModFolder and copied some Model&Material things from the NH Folder, because I had some weird Trees, but this fixed it. Q: Why is your english so bad? FKIN' SPEAK ENGLEES A: Because I'm from Germany and our English Teachers are just "Highschool" and we are forced to learning British-English instead of the awesome american-movie-world-language. Q: Due to this strange Graphic "Thing", may I ask you if you tweaked something with the Mod? A: Nope, actually I just fixed my Problems as good as I could. I have no experience in tweaking and no knowledge beside reading in Forums and try to "easy" fix some things. Thank you for every Help - you might help all those with that Problem and of course the Community. Sincerely yours, WaLLe P.S.: I do really like the Smileys cool Forum!