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  1. Mxthe has multiple games on his shoulders at New World Interactive. One of them is being developed on Unreal Engine 4 (Insurgency:Sandstorm), so apparently Mx already had his hands on it. And from what people say, this engine is really handy. Hell, even Estranged moved from Source to UE4. But yeah, it is also interesting to see what Source 2 will have to offer, although switching to UE4 to me seems reasonable. Of course, I'm just speculating, and I'm not Mxthe. "Not everyone can be Mxthe, only one person can be Mxthe, and that person, is Mxthe." (c) Mxthe
  2. No dates just yet.
  3. Back when Chapter 1 was released I've been checking in almost every day. I still come here, but not so often anymore.
  4. I guess there won't be much use of it anyway, since Underhell will be on Steam one day.
  5. Mxthe uses Alien Swarm SDK to work with Insurgency. He said so himself while chatting with me a couple years ago.
  6. Not speaking for Mxthe here, but if you'll read this, you'll get the answers for at least first three questions you asked.
  7. "If things go well Chapter 2 should be the biggest, maybe not in actual game length, but in total size, including all the multiple outcomes ect. So we might "create" 20 hours worth of game time, but you will play around 15 in a playthrough, because the 5 hours are different versions of what you are playing through if you had done things differently." © Mxthe, on ModDB (Sep 3 2013)
  8. The "magic trick" scene only triggers when you bring the full deck.
  9. The link is invalid for us
  10. Did you install Chapter One on top of Prologue?
  11. Sorry for late response. It means, you have to finish The House. Follow the hints (Tab)
  12. My friend did travel forward in time. Here's what he got. Underhell coming to Steam on January 16th 2020. Mark that date.
  13. About year (or less) ago Mxthe said that he wasn't sure about this. Don't know if he made his clear decision now.
  14. Have you brought the playing cards to Hermit?
  15. That's actually sounds like a good idea. Let's wait for the source code getting avaliable and see what happens.
  16. Did he entered the Dream Hall before? If not, then I'm afraid that Dream map is missing.
  17. All these images are taken from Alexander Voysey's ModDB profile. He posts his WIPs there.
  18. Wrong forum. Wrong game.
  19. dafuq?
  20. He answered. Hello, Sorry for the late response. Unfortunately there is no present plans for an instrumental version. Perhaps, there maybe something like this in a future chapter. Thank you again for your support! Happy Holidays, Tom Stoffel
  21. Actually, this mod is pretty much broken because of Valve updates starting from changing the HL2 and CSS engine to updated versions and ending with SteamPipe.
  22. The mod is pretty much broken right now due to SteamPipe update years ago. There is a new version being developed, though.
  23. As far as I can tell scripts/surfaceproperties_manifest.txt is one of Source SDK Base 2007's files. It's not located at Underhell directory. So I guess you should verify the cache of Source SDK Base 2007.
  24. Not just that. Hermit's and Tom's voices are too different. Besides, I don't think Tom is that old right now, if he's alive.