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  1. There's only one real annoyance I've had in the game, and that's how armor is handled. Due to me being headshot-happy, I tend to scavenge a lot of helmets off of the Infected. I keep imagining that Jake simply puts the hat on top of his previously worn hat, until he is wearing a pillar of damage-resistant headgear. It's hard to be scared when this is the image running through your head, isn't it?
  2. Matt's Superior My personal view on Jake
  3. You could join the Steam Group he made to get the latest updates on the game.
  4. I'm trying to get a friend of mine to play/scream. Be on the lookout for Ninjaboy337 on youtube.
  5. That pasta is actually how I found this game.
  6. I can see that man having problems in his life. "Sir, I heard from our maids that you... defecated in the motel's bathroom sink. Is there anything unsatisfactory about the toilets?" "LOOOL, You don't understand me! When I go to a motel I do what I do in my house, and in my house, the toilet is where your sink is, so when I need to poo I go to the toilet, but your sink is there instead! AND THE SINK DIDN'T EVEN FLUSH. You have to make your bathrooms like my bathrooms, because some people act like their in their own house in motels! And also, there's a glitch where if I throw out that box on the counter, it comes back into my room when I'm not around!" "Uh, sir? That was the TV. The maid was dragging it back inside when see saw the crap in the sink." "WHAT A DUMB MOTE L!"
  7. I noticed that whenever I wake up, the fridge in the kitchen is always open. Seeing how her room is always locked, maybe she isn't as dead as we think she is...
  8. Speaking of which, is the prison Jake goes to at the end going to be like the one from the book Lockdown: Escape From Furnace? Is that the Underhell?