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  1. Hello. Upon playing NMH2 I was drawn here and i would like to share my stuff. Also I would like to say I was amazed by the level of dedication and effort the NMH team put into their project. My creation is a fallout style remake of interplay's version of fallout 3 (the cancelled van buren). I chose this project as fallout 1&2 are one of my favorite games. (Though I do recognise the games made by bethesda as decent games, the experience was ruined for me as i completed oblivion about 4-5 times previously, and the similarities started to be painful.) Since my "special ability" is programming only, I only used the free content provided with the engine demo.... After all, graphically a game looks as good as you make it. Anywho, about a year ago i grabbed an engine called Neoaxis and the demo / design documents made by interplay before the project got canned, and decided on recreating the fallout features myself. It has been a great (and very hard!) experience until now, but I am very close to a working tech demo. I have also made a devblog and more random images can be found here. Here are a few images of what it currently looks like. As i have said - the projects contains only placeholders currently.