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  1. Just posting today to let you guys know I'm not some one-off post spammer. Might seem that way to some, but I'm not. I myself was a modder long ago during the Neverwinter Nights era. During my play through I throw some ideas that the devs here might find useful, such as the rifles that are only a placeholder model. That model inspired a zoom-capable rifle weapon in a (possibly) compatible mod called Zombie Master. So I'll keep posting in this topic as I update the playlist and continue through this terrifying game....well, as soon as I'm better irl. Been sick lately. But just saying, if there isn't a rifle in the game (in Chapter 1) then maybe it's possible to bring the one from ZM over, or maybe do so in NH3?
  2. Hello everybody! My name is Burton, some of you may know me from a very acclaimed series called Burton VS FEAR, Dead Space, FEAR 2, etc. In the spring of 2005, I launched Ownage Inc., a website dedicated to documenting the adventures of my friends and I in cyberspace. The first series, Burton VS FEAR (inspired by 'Mesh does Doom 3') premiered on GameFront/FileFront to 45k+ downloads!! In 2006, with the rise of YouTube and FEAR's expansion on the horizon, I migrated the entire series to my director account - OwnageIncBFinch. Basically, I'm a puss when it comes to terrifying games, and people find me being terrified hilarious! Having performed as the Night Elf Male dancer at BlizzCon 2011, I've been encouraged by guys like Athene, Swifty, etc. to launch a new channel, and so I have: Awesome Incarnate has been launched with the re-release of Burton VS FEAR (in HD) and even now I'm covering a ton of games - SWTOR, Minecraft, Skyrim, etc. I've decided to start a new 'Burton VS...' series, and guess what I'm playing? NIGHTMARE HOUSE 2!! I include a chroma-key effect with my face in the gameplay, and all of the reactions are 100% legit! Check out the NH2 series! Let me know what you all think! PEACE! And thank YOU for making such a GREAT mod!