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  1. Walk around the forest. That is your hint
  2. That didn't do it all that did was make my melee weapon keep swinging against my will. I am just going to load before meeting the hermit and try that way. I will let you know if it is still messed up afterwards
  3. Actually that only got me the item. I just got my gun and it won't fire but for some reason pausing and then unpausing causes it to fire a bullet
  4. The console command fixed the issue thank you very much Mxthe
  5. I cannot attack anymore all of the sudden. I am stuck now on the part where you have to use the attack key to get an item. I have tried rebinding the key restarting the mod and nothing is working. I am unable to attack. Is there a fix to this?
  6. When I downloaded Underhell I played through the main game first as in the action part. After that I went to The House to uncover the mysteries there so I solve all of the mysteries and go to sleep for the night. The next morning when i woke up I was walking around and when I was walking to the foyer from the kitchen entrance I saw her appear and walk towards me so I run away. After about a minute I walk into the kitchen from the backyard and I hear the loud musical noise (the one that plays when she catches you in the attic) and all the cabinets opened up and made me scream. After that I hear the phone ringing and since I was in the kitchen I chose to answer that phone then my windows break and I hear weird noises then I pass out. The next day nothing interesting happens except for the door upstairs shutting on me and me heaing her playing piano. So nightfall comes and then the bathroom event happens and I get caught by her. This caused me to shut off the game since I was too scared to keep going and I had really completed everything. This mod is amazing and I would like to thank you for bringing such awesomeness into my life I am looking forward to the chapter one to be released