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  1. First: Great Mod, it's really profesional! It will be even more fun (and scary) when the next version will be released! I dont know if there is a thread for this, but anyway, I think you perhaps could make the ghost / "her", appear outside the house more frequently. For example, I always run to the Garden House, when something happens inside the house, because it's "safer"... but it would be really horryfying (and cool) if she some times would float around outside (following the player maybe), or perhaps you would see her using the swing, or something... So you wouldn't be safe, even though you were outside. It would also be cool, if you could see her observing you from the house, when player is outside, so she would stand in a window.. Not for long... But still long enough, so you will realize she is there! Perhaps you already had it planned, but perhaps you could use this for some ideas! Great mod!