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  1. Not at all. It can't be; unless Underhells plot/story line changed drastically at some point or another.
  2. I found it on Underhells MODDB page.
  3. The tiles on the floor are similar; and the halls of ARK look some what similar. They lighting also match's.
  4. I found a picture that seems to be ignored quite a bit; although it must hold importance... Now this is ARK And this... could be ARK? Just an idea.... hehe
  5. Its not a closet, its a room we not see till Chap 1 or later
  6. What other stair way? You don't understand Underhells spawn/trigger system
  7. typo, but why fix it? Its not like more people are going to see it........
  8. I think there may be other presences in the house. When I first played the game, I went to look through the basement window from the backyard, and I heard some type of snicker (it was a mans) no mistakes were made, it happened. I asked Mxthe, and he said it may have been a bird. I have never heard a bird like that; and I have played through the game about 6 times now.
  9. oh.. my.... BRRRR
  10. I've been up there twice at night. Nothing. Tell me if something happens, though, ok?
  11. Jake says "good thing I am not superstitious..." while looking at the calender. And, he seems to put fuses upstairs, when he knows "she" may be lurking... Maybe, "she" is trying to tell Jake something about how she died, yet Jake ignores her, so "she" trys to grab his attention even more... Maybe "she" wants revenge, yet with Jake ignoring "her", she only tries harder... either way, this is my theory. and how Frank died.... I don't know
  12. you have not noticed? ok, from the backyard, go to the right. then near slide, look out the fence.
  13. I know this is a bump, but you can just stay anywhere up stairs, really.
  14. I have em all
  15. I have a few more, but I dont feel good at the moment...