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  1. It may not be a screenshot, but this is a definite "wtf" moment xD
  2. By the same people that did the "Jakes DEATH FACE!!!!" video... 3 years later, its kind of crazy/scary
  3. So I was casually walking into the living room when I saw this
  4. House plans? God I feel so dumb - but I honestly have no clue where to use these pliers xD
  5. Anyone know what the Pliliers are used for in the house?
  6. Nah, I accidentally just left the house now haha!
  7. It just says "I hear something beyond the fog in front of the house"
  8. Hey, anyone know what the plilers in the house is for? I'm completely stuck. Any help is appreciated *Also sorry, I wrote Wrench instead of Plilers in the title*
  9. Anyone know what happens Friday? Potential spoilers but I'm too scared to find out
  10. He still says he hasn't received anything - This must be frustrating, but apparently he has sent an email
  11. Hey, A friend of mine has just bought the OST for chapter 1 from: http://tomstoffel.bandcamp.com/ He has not received any code or method to download chapter a day earlier. Anyone else having any problems with this?
  12. Hello Mxthe! Been a while since i've posted on here. Just seen Underhell has a release date and I'm pretty excited. The new missions look awesome, but I'm also curious - Has there been much change to The House? More scares, sounds etc? Really appreciate any response - Cant wait!
  13. Yes, maybe she is in fact warning him, rather than trying to hurt him. It is possible that she wants to tell him something, but he is to upset to find out what it is...
  14. Hello again, I did not realise that it was possible to activate 'night vision' until i watched the following video: I was wondering if there wer any other scares that are effected by the 'night vision'.
  15. What metal building??