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  1. Hello Everyone, Im Drex aka Scottie, I don't know if this is against any forum rules and if it is I apologize extremely.now since this section of the fourms is Gaming in General I thought it would be cool to spread word of gamingdebate a website revolved around the gaming community, we provide Gaming News and blogs which are then promoted out to Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gamingdebate and Twitter: https://twitter.com/...!/gaming_debate Our Website http://gamingdebate.net/ Is still in Dev, we are always taking in suggestions from Members like making a Team Speak server allowing a place for modders to download each others content, a Media Center, a Minecraft Server and So on, we are a gaming site that rely on the members to keep it going to say the least, its where creative minds come together its where YOU belong. P.S again if this is not allowed I apologize You can just delete it if you want.