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  1. Kitchen.
  2. Edit* I also had something weird happen Guess what
  3. Well, the thread is a joke, so I see no problem on that.
  4. That was unexpected. Remind me of Team Fortress 2, reload as a Spy and pull out your watch...
  5. r_uhfilmgrain 0 on the game console (see advanced control optoins) , disabled it myself.
  6. Found it, was already using that passage but didn't notice the entrance, thanks!
  7. Went there, pressed the used button and smacked everything. Nothing.
  8. But where?
  9. So,I'm in the part where you . I already managed to turn the power back on and but now I have no ideia what to do since the door is blocked.
  10. Self-Achievement. Might have story importance later, but as far as I know, it's not really necessary.
  11. If I do recall correctly, the explosion of the gunship was always bright if you are close to it and considering we are talking about a Smod variation, it makes sense that it's bigger and brighter since Smods increase the effects of explosion most of the time.
  12. Maybe Mxthe should just give or not the permission of someone else doing it, he's probably already enough occupied by the mod development.
  13. Let me see if I unterstood, you got the map and opened it on Underhell, and destroy a conbine gunship, that it's there since the mod uses Source SDK, and when you destroyed pieces of a MiG appeared instead of the combine gunship? IF I got this right then it might be because during the development the MiG was supposed to be a boss just like the combine gunship on HL2 and other Smods (some of then even uses a real life plane) and when it got removed since it got unused, those custom debris are leftover that.
  14. I don't understand what the hell he is talking about?
  15. Because the prologue released on March, but I already solved your riddle on other topic...