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  1. Wanna know sumthing cool, if you crouch on the top of the bookshelf (by jumping onto the lamp and then onto said bookshelf) she cant get you during the bathroom scare > Catch me now....
  2. I havent explored the house much, its just a guess from a scare that i got...
  3. I know of another scare. At night, as you walk into the kitchen, all the cabinet doors will suddenly open and play a sound. It made me pause the game for 5 minutes before continuing.
  4. Ohai guis I was wonder, how can i use the nightmare house 2 weapons in hl2 itself, rather than having to load the game up from the mod, but still have freemans hand? Plzkthnxlol
  5. Plz post screenshot, i cant see it Nvm. But it was all blurred. That was really emily herself
  6. That was intented. Plus, that would simply be cheap
  7. Ohhh... makin' underhell chapter 1? I hope so :/
  8. Noclip is a cheat that allows you to fly out of the map and through that damn door >
  9. I emailed hen himself. He said this, "The moon thing was a joke. There wont be a NH3."
  10. (Are the spoiler working?) Srsly, what lies within that closet, ive never really explored the house because im too scared to do so :,(
  11. This is just random... but what exactly does this "monster" look like. I need a bright image of it...
  12. CONGRAGTULATIONS!!!! You have just discovered a rare treasure known as a warning easter egg!
  13. You mean bathtub :/
  14. That happens when you stand in the other stairway
  15. This happens because when you have that smaller door open, she would walk across the doorway. She was placed there to prepare for that scare.
  16. Why does she look like a midget in the second image? lol