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  1. okay thanks for your help ^^
  2. UP ! is there really no way to fix that ? this mod is so good , i don't want to watch the rest of the ending on Youtube
  3. the game crashes to desktop so impossible to do anything "ingame" , my OS is Windows 7. Sorry for the late reply and thanks for your help
  4. thanks for the answer ! it crashes at a specific moment indeed , (SPOILER) when she throws away the car on the zombies , you fall down , then you hear a voice , it crashes right at the moment i start to hear voices ! i have a legit version , already played ...
  5. up , is anyone still alive in here ?
  6. Hi ! i'm enjoying this awesome mod a lot , but the game crashes at Chapter 7 ( SPOILER )third nightmare( END SPOILER )I tried to start a new game directly at Chapter 7 but it doesn't work , keep crashing can someone help me please ? Thanks