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  1. I got bored having played Chapter one through a thousand times, so after getting to Level Two I noclipped down to the Level Zero East Wing, specifically the area where we first meet the security team after the infection starts. I assume that's the model used for Jake in the cutscene. Also, in the prologue, if you stack up some crates to get over one of the shipping crates that looks like the one you open up somewhere around here, you'll find an old friend. Who I may or may not have beaten to death. Fun fact, that stops Frank from talking for a while,
  2. Man, I spent like my whole saturday collecting all 52 cards so I could hear the Hermit song again, just to get to the Hermit's lair and... Well nothing. His door shuts and no song plays, as if I didn't just find fifty two bloody cards for the bastard. Apologies for any formatting errors, the stylesheet is broken for me today.
  3. Two year old bump because wat Clone theory confirmed
  4. ... Welp. I'm not that smart, am I? Must have forgotten about that from last run.
  5. Definitely have a read. Unfortunately no new chapter this year, but it's still being worked on, so take comfort in that. We must remember that Chapter 2 is the biggest chapter. I can see why it's taken 3 years so far, and most likely a few more before we see the city. It's worth the wait.
  6. spoliers

    Ah just look under the bed beside his footlocker. You'll see it's just ordinary parts like if you beat up a Beefy Computer in the Mainframe, you'll get parts just like it. Not useful for anything.
  7. Shit I completely forgot the prologue was a thing... I think he's talking about the mall, given that he said hostage instead of survivor, but I've never encountered this bug. I mean you could try signaling the hostage to the exit. They sometimes refuse to exit unless you signal them to.
  8. Ooh! I think I know what you mean! Either nobody moved the bookshelf in front of the door, or Terry will move the bookshelf but not open the door. Or the bookshelf simply isn't there but the door won't open. Just go back and forth through that loading area a couple times and it should work. Happens to me EVERY playthrough.
  9. So when we shut off the power and run, Matt goes to close the door but instead he goes through the closing animation and the door doesn't close. This makes it impossible for me to place my axe and the other guy puts his gun there instead and dies. And then sometimes, because the door hasn't closed, infected start running in as well. And then there's the one that dies at the vent. The door is always locked. I can't kick it down and kill the infected behind the vent, so he always dies too. Any way to fix this? I want to try a "save everyone" run and also grab all the cards.
  10. Okay so my reply is a little late, but I ended up doing the barricade method. With explosives. You can find three explosive canisters in the hallway to the west (If memory serves me correctly, I'm just going off what I remember on the map) of the vent room. So left, if you're facing the wall with the map on it. You can find a couple more taller canisters near the kitchen. I just grabbed the three smaller ones and barricaded the vent with them. Naturally, Todd went to push through the barricade, but the vent broke open first. Shot the barricade, it blew up, and the infected closest to the vent (the one that drags him in) was killed. As for the door, I realized it happens when I'm the last or first one in. So I just run in after Matthew and wait for Todd, Eric, and the other dickhead to run in after me. Then the door closes fine.
  11. I was doing an "all cards" playthrough the other day, which I didn't get all the cards for by the way. I was missing the ace of diamonds, ace of clubs, nine of diamonds and nine of clubs. On this playthrough I noticed something on the PDA that you see in Matthew's contact's office. Matthew says that is his real name, but he never confirms that Porter is his last name. I just thought the PDA was a cryptic "this cheesy book is important" type deal. I didn't realize it was a code with Matthew's name.
  12. I just looked back and yeah, it was called "Dawn". I thought the book was just the Twilight book cover. Didn't realize it had been changed for copyright reasons.
  13. I'll do that on my next playthrough. See if I can't save the dumbass.
  14. I have tried both. He pushes the barricade out of the way and you can't get into the room to kill the infected at any point. The only way in I've found is the vent, which only they can break. The door is always locked and kicking does nothing.
  15. Same here. Sitting in anticipation for Chapter 2 got boring after two years.
  16. As for the door, I managed to fix it by just being the last one to run in. For some reason, if I run in before anyone else, the door doesn't close. As for the vent, I didn't have a grenade, so Todd died. He merges through me to stand near the vent like an asshole.
  17. He jumps out at you a bunch in the forest at night. I assume this is where the model is stored so it can be teleported instead of repeatedly spawned and deleted. I don't know much about the source engine, but if this is anything like any other engine, that would reduce memory usage for people with low amounts or older DDRs of RAM and remove the issue of stuttering on old machines whenever he flashes in and out. Would have made more sense to have him in a seperate skybox outside the accessable areas skybox.
  18. I have been trying to for ages, but the highest I've gotten is 48. I was missing the 2 of hearts and 2 of aces, and 8 of hearts and 8 of aces. that's very sad It is. I want to see the damn Hermit song scene!
  19. DarkGmer19988 says "fucker nice shoting game" Rating: 10/10 Holy shit that's amazing.
  20. I have been trying to for ages, but the highest I've gotten is 48. I was missing the 2 of hearts and 2 of aces, and 8 of hearts and 8 of aces.
  21. Welp. Thanks. I have just started from chapter one every time since my first playthrough, so I forgot you had to do all the dreams in order to advance to the next chapter. Turns out that The Blue Star never finished the dreams, just finished dream one. I've let him know that he has to complete the dreams. Thanks for the help!
  22. Did he entered the Dream Hall before? If not, then I'm afraid that Dream map is missing. Nope, he has the dream maps. Found the problem. Human error, not tech.
  23. Hey, MxThe! The Red Star here, well my gaming partner The Blue Star is having some tech issues. We're doing a dual-com on the game, but he's starting his own playthrough. Problem is, he can't actually PLAY chapter one. After finishing the prologue, he has the message "I'm tired, I should go to sleep." He goes to bed, wakes up, but apparently didn't get enough sleep and is promptly told once again, "I'm tired, I should go to sleep." This loop is making it impossible to play chapter one. Any suggestions?
  24. So, MxThe. We've all seen it. If Jake and Her shared a bedroom, which she died in the bathroom of, why is there a door we can never enter? A room behind it that clearly contains a desk and lamp, which doesn't scream "closet", actually I think I've seen a bed in there before. Why have a second bedroom that Jake CLEARLY doesn't want to enter, if you both sleep in the same bed down the hall? Something happened to whoever was there... But who was it? Well, let's look at this then. Guilt chasing you at night in the forest, even if you DON'T KNOW the well is there? What could have possibly happened that you always knew was associated with the forest? What about the playground? She never mentions anyone but Jake, and her friends. They lived in that house alone, just the two of them. So why would they possibly need a playground? There was a kid. Or she was pregnant. Let's face it, we all know this. Enough facts are there to say so. So, tell us. What happened?
  25. So I'm replaying Underhell chapter one for the millionth time. Forgot everything, so I'm doing a let's play!