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  1. In order to properly deal with YouTube's copyright claims policy, I'd like anything, even a sentence, acknowledging that Let's Players like myself are permitted to use in-game footage on YouTube. Also the names of any content that is not directly owned by We Create Stuff in case there are any disputes on copyright that Let's Players could potentially be wrongly opposed. TL;DR Would like a statement that we can use the game footage so that Let's Players can live without fear of losing monetization.
  2. I have a similar issue on youtube. My videos are completely unedited, and yet youtube says there is a copyright claim as follows: "Northern Storm", musical composition administered by: Music Publishing Rights Collecting Society Could I get a verification that this content is not present in the mod before submitting a dispute? Or a confirmation from the developers on the website or this forum that the content is permitted for use in youtube videos to ensure that all Let's Players and Commentators can properly deal with these claims?