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  1. Hello everyone Im just curious if Underhell has Oculus Rift Support or not. Are there any plans for it to have Rift support? Thanks.
  2. Example being: ViolentValentine. Community Addict
  3. So, if you have been here long enough, you may have noticed that with enough posts, you gain a new "Member Titles". E.G. Newbie Member Advanced Member Are there anymore? Other than exclusive Developer Title/. Maybe there should be an Addict Title? Community Helper? Just asking.
  4. So you answered your own question by providing an example of Chapter One? That could also be applied to Prologue. Cant imagine it wouldn't be free roam.
  5. Wow, thanks! Still, I can clearly see the similarity. Thank you so much anyway! I'd love to offer myself for concept artist. BUT I cant draw or anything... So good luck with your search!
  6. When designing Underhell, was there any Concept artwork made. I.E. Sketches of characters, level designs and other artwork. (Similar to the Nightmare House 2 Lost files artwork.) If there are, any idea where I can find them? Thanks.
  7. Well, if it has to be in America somewhere...
  8. Yes, thats my De_Departed map I have been working on for the past few months. ( http://imgur.com/a/7oxrZ#0 Most likely going to take a few more months until release.) If your interested in becoming a member of our team, speak with me in college whenever possible. (Just ask a tutor to point me out.) Other than that, I cant tell you anything in detail about the changes and content we have made. Thanks.
  9. Decompile the maps and disable some of the entities? - If that is allowed. (Ask Mxthe) From the menu: Map > Entity Report > (Find the cameras that are being triggered and delete them.) Have fun compiling them back up. Just make sure you save it as a separate name. Have fun with compiling. It will probably take FOREVER.
  10. Uhh. wat? Anyway, I can't help, but I'm wondering, what is this mod you're making? North West Kent College he means. Yes I do. However in it current state it contains A LOT of Underhell files. Me and my team are slowly working on replacing all the files with our own content. This includes story etc... However I thought it would be cool since it is a zombie game to have the ability to link / hide Easter eggs about UnderHell on it.
  11. Yes. Why??? Do you?
  12. I am currently making a Source SDK Base 2007 mod surrounding events within a college, (College I am currently attending, team is made up of people from College too.) However, I wanted to leave a little hint / Easter Egg about Underhell within the mod. Anyone: 1: What is the town name within Underhell? (Where Jake lives and Prologue events take place.) Mxthe: 2: Can I show the outside of Jakes house in part of my mod? (Only seen for a few seconds.) Thanks a lot.
  13. Can't wait to play the whole story
  14. Really? When I played, he also got shot with Matthew but on my side he got sent flying backwards cause he was shot in the head... And I mean against a wall, blood everywhere.
  15. *sees list* 0.o "My god...'" Thanks for the link.