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  1. On level 13, if you make a jump loop into the incinerator-thing, and dance, these purple things surround your feet and arms until you let go..
  2. People who made Portal: The Flash Version, can you please make it so that when you right click, you use the yellow portal? It's really confusing...
  3. Exactly! They should make it so that if you go past the cake, you ACTUALLY win the game!
  4. Sorry if I'm spamming...
  5. And just now, when I went to level 1, i saw a huge invisible black wall...
  6. On level 1, when you put 2 portals near the toilet, you disappear for about 5 seconds.. probably just a glitch. I WAS SITTING IN THE TOILET!!!
  7. If you type in the console "gotolevel 43-1000, it will bring you to the same level you were just on...