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  1. Dear Community, You voted and we listened! So as promised in our forum announcement please find below a link to our DEV VIDEO on our Weapons and Hit System. ADDITIONAL DETAILS: This video is best viewed in 720p for maximum quality. Show your support and help us get on STEAM using GREENLIGHT Vote for us on Steam: Game Updates: You will notice our 2 newest MERC characters ingame, from Jean (female char) and Womball (male char). There is also the inclusion of our laser dot, networked and replicated over multiplayer game which even shines on your screen if a player happens to be aiming at your face! We also have coded in a team health indicator, which switches between your team mates name and health - carefully programmed to auto scale at range so the bar does not take over the screen or interrupt with visibility. Click below and now enjoy. DEV VIDEO - Weapons & Hit System Known issues: Animations: Running 3P anims still need further improvement. We want to tone down the excessive ragdoll effects when being killed and shot. We have animations for these but they need to be coded in. Sounds: Animnotify for the running sounds plays too fast. We also are improving the running, falling & jumping sounds. We will also include a hit sound when firing at opponent so there is acknowledgement of a hit. Since this video we have updated all weapon sounds to be more beefy and have a better booming lasting effect. Effects: Some 3P weapon effects (muzzle flash and smoke) are not working as intended, some are not visible at all. This has been fixed since the video was made a week ago.[/center] We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did making it. It’s the first of our kind so feedback and suggestions for the next video are highly welcome! We will be producing further informal dev videos (at no expense to our development progress) giving the community the opportunity to find out more on Critical Point: Incursion and how our Indie game on the UDK engine works in detail. You, our fans have the opportunity to vote on what video you most want to see next! Link: That’s all for now and until next time. Keep liking and keep sharing. Your CP:i Team Check us out on: &
  2. Dear Community, Our much anticipated pre-alpha gameplay trailer is now available for you to feast your eyes on! Click the image below. World premiere pre-alpha gameplay trailer Please help us get on STEAM by voting on GREENLIGHT. We have our eyes set on a beta next year (2013). Hit "like" or "rate" in the bottom hand corner (usually a thumbs up) and also share us on your facebook and social sites. We hope you enjoyed the trailer and please bear in mind this is ingame footage from an early Alpha build; not to forget we are an indie team working on a 100% ZERO budget. It is also available on Youtube: & Your Critical Point Team