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  1. So based on what i've seen so far this is my theory on what the backstory of UH is. Long ass read. Sorry. 29 Years before the present events of the story, Thomas Hawkfeild was Working alongside researchers at A top secret Facility. (MAYYYYBE ARC, but probably not.) He and his fellow researchers, including a woman named Mia, were attempting to prefect cloning. Two Clones were made From Tom. They went in pairs and were inseparable. However, Something went wrong when one of the clones was exposed to a gas that was a byproduct of the cloning experiment. It went crazy and killed many researchers, and critically wounded the other clone before being put down. The administration of the Facility wanted the other clone put down to prevent another incident, but Tom Snuck off with him, because he valued the clone as a son. He named the clone Jake. The administration of the facility were now hunting tom to get Jake back, so Tom Entrusted Jake to Frank, a close friend of Tom. He told Frank to raise him like his own Son. At some point, Frank Became a SWAT Commander. Jake grew up with Frank as his adopted parent and Enlisted in SWAT. At the same time, the administration of the Facility Discovered Jake's whereabouts (those shifty guys talking to the wife in her diary) and Hired a private team of spies to observe him and his newlywed wife. They received an order to kidnap him, and so broke into his house. However, Jake wasn't home and so they ran into his Wife instead. In a panic, They Murdered his wife and placed her in the bathtub to make it look like suicide. Frank Discovered them before Jake came home and Shot them. He took them into the woods behind Jake's house and discovered an old well. He lit a fire and burned the corpses before dropping them into the well. One had a rare condition that allowed him to survive (Angelo). In Angelo's recordings, he talks about someone who is Evil, and hides in the shadows until the light reaches him and then he turns all good. Don't ask me WTF this means because If it was Frank then that just shot my entire theory full of holes. Jake came home and discovered his wife. He became extremely depressed and had to be Consoled by Frank. The cops were assholes and left liquor bottles in his cupboard. Some time later, Jake received a call about a hostage situation in the city. Frank, because of his interference with the Administration's plans, Was targeted and shot down in his helicopter. He's probably dead. I know that killing off a major character straight off usually isn't good, but everything we need to know about him can be told through flashbacks. Jake hired that P.I and the P.I figured out all this crap. He dropped the case, but i'm pretty sure he got offed. I don't know shit about that "Chapter one never happened, It was a Hallucination huehue" theory.. In my opinion, A plot must be fairly linear and not deviate all over the place or else nobody can tell what's happening and that's not good. Oh well. We're working off an incomplete story with these theories... Edit: Found Jake's age (29) in mail. Also, in the same mail it says he has no discernible blood type. Added other crap. Removed crap that was common knowledge, not a theory.
  2. Okay, So I torrented chapter one, Decompressed it, Put it in the Source Mods folder for steam, Got SDK '07. When I try to launch it from steam, It shows the valvelogo and then takes me to the titlescreen for Half-Life. The title is screwed up, it's just a bunch of lines,the portal symbol, and H E L L. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  3. Now to wait another 3 years for a new chapter!
  4. Oh yeah. There's some scary Shit in that New house
  5. Balls.
  6. Yo. Can anyone provide a list of all the new scares?
  7. ......
  8. Start it, then.
  9. For a grudge girl you gonna need more than a simple pistol... Any gun is better then none.
  10. That is one big ass shovel. Besides that, Did you mean the wife's body? That might just make things a bit worse. If Mrs. Hawkfeild's ghost was pissed at Jake for exploring around, you bet your bum that she'll be pissed if we defile her grave. Interesting theory though. I'd sure want a pistol if I was burying a re-animated grudge girl.
  11. I don't think I'll even remember this game when i'm in my thirties.
  13. All the events are pretty damn scary. You only wake up form a few of them.
  14. These forums have been dead for quite a while now, so, might as well ask a question that has probably been asked before hundreds of times. What are your theories as to why Jake is seeing his dead wife? I have about a hundred, but i think she wants to get Jake out of the house so he can uncover more shit. Or maybe it's that Romero guy from NH2... What do you guys think?