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  1. I don't know about you, but to me this guy seems to be totally deaf
  2. I'm sure every single person who'd end up in the situation like Jake woulda've same effect
  3. Now that's sounds a lot more velievable
  4. Chapter 1 maps were made in merely 4 weeks. That includes assets, entities and etc After Prologue was released, that's when Mxthe started very first steps of Chapter 1. Nothing was created prior to prologues release. The very first teaser trailer is a proof to my words. I also remember that somewhere Mxthe written that Chapter 1 itself (characters, maps, weapons, voice acting, cutscenes and (maybe) music) has been created in about 3-4 month. The rest 1,5 year were bug fixes, tweaks and gameplay mechanics (stealth, endurance and etc)
  5. Yep, you're correct. It is hard to say how long Ch. 2 will be in development since... you know what. My prediction:Port comes out in 2 years (2016). Ch2 comes out 3 years later (2019). Assume dev time linearly increases, so assuming no more engine troubles, the full thing will be out in ~2030. Lolwut?? You know what really took that long to release chapter one? Underhell had no combat/survival/stealth features at all. By the time, the team was so NEW to developing a mod, that they had barely any experience. Half of the development time was a big fixing. But now team got bigger and more professionally experienced. Features and gameplay mechanics have been created. There will be less troubles with bugs and glitches now. Chapter 1 remake will just feature same thing, except everything will be remodeled. And while thing a are getting remodeled, there isn't much required for Mxthe to do. Meanwhile he can go on with his jobs on other game companies. And chapter 2 development to take 3 years? I will only consider your theory, last resort/worst case scenario. And it is yet highly unlikely
  6. Ok let me get this straight. Ex SWAT member or not, there are no combat protocols that Jake has to follow anymore, so stop with that "ermergawd! He is SWAT, blah blah bleurgh"! It's about survival now, and any methods are applicable.
  7. Is there another Matthew, other than porter, which I don't know?
  8. I think this is more a problem of people than the actual difficulty system itself.We've all become such badasses we all know the tactics to just absolutely wipe Hordes. That's why Co-op would be so terrible. It'd be like having the Badass Squad x10 Overpowered. It's not about "being badass" or knowing tactics Even I, on my first playthrough found it waaaay too easy on Hard difficulty
  9. Couldn't put it better myself Still struggling to understand whether all these events were live event or flashbacks
  10. If that MP stuff can be ported to SP mods, then yeah, that would work. They all originally are for SP
  11. What are you talking about? There are loads of SWEPS and different GMOD game modes that use that "button to pick up" ammo feature
  12. Not just some guy DasBoSchitt is probably #1 GMOD animator out there. Pretty famous, trust me. His experience is nearing 8 years
  13. The video below is a comedy Source engine based animation series. In the middle of this video a guy for the new cast of role has been invited to act. At 3:01 precisely His name is Tyronne and is an exactly (I think so) character model as Tyronne from Underhell. Now most (if not all) of us already know that Underhell had a pure coincidence of choosing exactly same model for a "dead person" [to avoid spoilers]. Did that just had to happen again?
  14. Not to mention that the game itself needs some heavy optimization work before they even think about implementing VR headset support. I'd imagine the choppy framerates most of us experience when playing Underhell would be not only immersion-breaking, but also incredibly disorienting for a player using the Rift.Choppy framerate?The fuck are you talking about? I don't possess a powerful rig but I play it on 180 FPS on High Settings without a snatch And don't talk of everyone if you are the only one experiencing certain problems The only problem I ever experienced was not being able to set the shadows on high quality. And it isn't even the developers problem. It's Source Engine problems The engine might be optimized with some technical features to match modern game engines, but let's not forget how damn old it is. This is also an exact reason why Source 2 is in the development