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  1. Hi, I'm ArtDuck, and I do playthroughs and commentary of games on YouTube, and I had decided that I would like to do a gameplay / review of this game, but first, I'm just seeking permission from those who hold the rights to the game so that I have something better to go on than a rather shaky fair use argument, eh? I think that gameplay videos would only help to bring publicity and new players to your game, and that seeing me play the game wouldn't be satisfying enough to anyone watching to simply consider themselves as having experienced the game -- they're going to want to go out and play it themselves afterwards! I thought that this might be the right place to go to ask about doing that, and if I'm wrong, well, phooey. Anyway, it would be nice to have some written evidence of the creator's blessing to show to the people at YouTube if I ever go for a partnership, so thanks for your time and may the second Act be with us some day.