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  1. yey, finally. We're getting some popularity. I wonder how crazy it would be when the manwhore pewds would give it a go aswell
  2. We all know we want to see some youtubers play it! If anyone manages to find any Lets Play series set in Chapter 1, please post here :3
  3. Owell, restarted steam. All dun :3
  4. I had a crash aswell in the same level,
  5. They're unrelated to underhell a bit but Whenever I try to install Source Sdk 2007, it takes a shitton of time to fully PREPARE an installation. And even when if the preperation bar is full, it doesn't execute an installation and doesn't give me a notification that preperations are complete and that I could check the library for the install progress. Please help me, I'm stuck here and underhell is forcing me to install it :/
  6. It did look like a bug to me first anyway. Flesh dissapearing without a trace. Though, it seems like a good idea. IMPLEMENT THIS INTO THE GAME. ITS GOING TO BE A METHOD FOR HIDING BODIES. WITH THE ONLY TRACE BEING *poop*
  7. You guys should really check this shit out: I was playing underhell last year, and I got bored in campaign and started to shoot my allies from the beginning, shooting down helicopters with RPGs n stuff. However, during my encounters, something strange has happened; I repeatedly kicked a dead body of a cop just for the heck of it and it bursted into red pieces! And on top of that, I got curious and got over the gibs to check if they could be picked up. Each gib dissapeared as I clicked E on them. All with a splashing sound. At first, I thought I stomped them aswell xD, but after some thinking the first thing coming on my mind was cannibalism. Would it be possible that Jake's superpowers would make him not only a power-hungry hulk, but perhaps also a flesh-hungry hulk?
  8. Reply to Donut's HUGE stuff: Mxthe obviously does not want to spoil the 'Big thing' for us so he escaped. The bars: From what I've figured, Blue bar is Hunger, Red bar is Stamania. Thats why Mxthe stopped healing himself up to 100 many times with food. And Batteries... Well, let's just say the appear on left-middle corner when you turn the flashlight on.
  9. Can I haz a little bite? The cookie looks delicious! And happy birthday Mxthe.
  10. Hmm... A.R.C= Anomalous Research Complex maybe?
  11. That's the closest to it. But it happens at day, too.
  12. Does that mean there are clothing textures that combine with Naked People on fakefactory? O_O Now we can make a Sex Tape in SFM...
  13. There's also this file called FF_James, It shows a fully naked man. O_O