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  1. UPDATE: FIXED!! I've been able to fix the problem. Turns out that Half-Life 2: Episode 2 is NOT the only program I needed to run Nightmare House 2. I also needed to download and install the latest SDK (Source Dev Kit - it's free!) via steam. I accidentally stumbled on this fix after reading up on, downloading, and installing the new Black Mesa Source mod (a complete remake of Half-Life 1). Black Mesa Source only requires the latest SDK (and you don't even need a Half-Life title) to be installed. After the SDK was installed, everything was working like a charm! Ok, I'd like to start off with the facts: - My computer is COMPLETELY capable (hardware wise) to run any game on the market right now, and on extreme settings. - I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit - I have a steam client (I've had one for a few years now) - I own a legal (and registered with steam) copy of Half-Life 2 Episode 2 - HL2:Ep2 HAS been run before installing or even trying to starting NH2 - NH2 installer automatically chose the installation directory Directory: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\sourcemods\" - The NH2 desktop icon is a blank white icon, which has me question the installation path. I've downloaded the EXE. installer twice now, thinking maybe the file was corrupt. I even installed the mod using the self-instal (.RAR) version, and again, no luck. After every instal, I try to start NH2 through the destop icon it creates, and through steam and absolutely nothing happens. It's as if I wasn't even giving my computer a command at all. To give you an example of what my computer does when I double click the NH2 icon, or click "Play" through steam, go ahead and go to your desktop and double click on some random blank space........that's exactly what happens. NOTHING! I would imagine that if the shortcut can't even find it's own image file, then I'm guessing it's the same scenario with the game itself. It must not be in the right directory for steam to find, or even the shortcut....for some reaosn. I'd have tried to re-link the shortcut myself, but I can't find ANY NH2.exe file anywhere - which then lead me to believe that maybe you start NH2 through HL2:Ep2 via some sort of "Mods" menu in the game itself, but no such menu exists. How do I get this game to work?!