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  1. http://www.moddb.com/mods/underhell/news/underhell-2-years-later
  2. I assume that the Source 2013 update will have access to linked portal doors. I think this could be awesome for dream sequences or hallucinations, maybe even a house scare. It seems like it would be great for horror games because of the sense of disorientation it gives. Video example. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHqhLzKqQlk Wasn't sure how to put the video directly here.
  3. Chapter 3 comes out sometime after chapter 2 has been released, which will be released sometime after the Steam release of chapter 1 is out. Right now it doesn't have a confirmed release date, all we can say is "when it's done." Patience my friend, patience.
  4. Go out in to the woods, then go left. Both the playground and the shovel is there.
  5. No, you can only kill him or let him get away.
  6. My favorite is Benjamin, he's just so fun to listen to.
  7. My 5 favorites are: 1: Endurance. (even a hero needs to eat and drink ) 2: Sneaking and hiding bodies. 3: The new kick. (sprint jump kick was just so damn badass) 4: Inventory. 5: Mirror effects. I'd also love to mention the fact that the downstairs bathroom has a sink and mirror now, so i can clean my hands after taking a dump.