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  1. Achievements would be incredible, but they are far from needed, hopefully it gets greenlit soon.
  2. Leeory, just make a new account, download source SDK base, and install the mod, it'll work!
  3. What i'm thinking, through the house there are hints that after his wife was found dead there was a police investigation (the wine bottle in the cabinet hints at the police leaving it there), I think after jake's wife died, frank for one reason or another turned on his co-workers and killed them, burned their bodies, then threw them in the well, I don't think this happened before she died, it had to have been after, and Angelo is dead, he was constantly saying 'i'm sorry.' before he was pulled into the bathroom, did you ever hear a faint 'i'm sorry' after he was pulled into the bathroom?
  4. EXCEPT Angelo said he was betrayed by a guy told to do so by his boss, but the guy may have not actually known his boss. I drew parallels between this and Matthew, as it sounds like the defector worked for the same intelligence agency, as Angelo seemed to be talking about a Superior. Frank working for the intelligence agency would make sense, government being fake and Frank being a high ranking officer in SWAT. But that would mean Frank killed them on orders from his superior, not for Jake's well being, or he went against orders and killed the men for Jake. I wouldn't put it above Frank personally.
  5. Frank killed them to protect Jake.
  6. That would be nice.
  7. I don't think there are any clones of Jake, I think after the first exposure to the Gas he developed some sort of Antibodies that prevented him from going Berserk the second time, but still left him to nearly choke out until the Hermit/Raito arrived, I have no clue what Janus was talking about but I am sure Jake is his son, I don't know why on that and I could easily be wrong, If chapter 2 somehow leads back to the Facility, there could be multiple scenarios and multiple branchings on the happenings to the characters who were left behind, any of these could be true and I most definitely will not even get one right. And I don't think there is anyway Terrance/Ben would both survive in the facility without Raito or the Hermits help. ... but im a pessimist
  8. You made my heart skip a beat because for a sec I thought it got greenlit XD
  9. Found the problem, shader quality was all the way up, shadow quality was all the way down. which caused both of my issues
  10. Personally for me it's the inventory and scavenging mechanics. And of course this is just from what we've seen from the livestream/feature showcase.