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  1. WeCreateStuff is dead. D: It's time... for a new game... How about nightmare house 3?
  2. Thank you bots, that was helpfull.... NOT.
  3. The mod was released long time ago. Peoples are not active here because they already played it, and they know there's nothing new anymore. well, You wanted an answer, so... Just re-install source sdk base 2007, or install it if it's missing.
  4. Why should he pay 100$ fee for a free game that already been released?
  5. Hi, I have the same problem. - I have hl2, to him, episodes 1 and 2 - Mod installed. Exe and even the second option paste the folder with the compactness I installed the SDK, mod still does not want to start ... What is the problem? Please help Make sure you've also played Episode Two at least once, so it can load all of its caches. I guess something's wrong with my EP2, because no matter how many times I play it, it won't load the caches. Download Source sdk 2007, in the tools section. It works for me.
  6. I think the problem is related to steam, and not the mod.
  7. I just wanted to know...
  8. Everyone would like to see play Nightmare house 3, and most of the commentators I've saw said they would pay for Nightmare house 2. Nightmare house 2 was a great game with a great background story and easter eggs (^_________^), So why wouldn't you make another one?
  9. Don't worry, they won't. There are lots of gameplays mods created by "WeCreateStuff" that have been active for years and didn't got deleted by youtube or WeCreateStuff. You have nothing to worry about. P.S sorry for bad grammer.