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  1. The more money we throw at him the faster it comes?
  2. Great stuff, good spotting Dune Jumper, Mxthe is obviously cognizant of what's going on on our prison planet and is doing his bit in video games .. What he / Mathew says is pretty much spot on.
  3. Thanks for reply. I presume I did a bit of Chap 2 because I saw the words appear in game. The doors ( 1 & 2?) in the dream sequence were opposite each other and had written all human qualities needed to make an amazing mod like Patience, Perseverance Tenacity etc. I kept going in both doors, up and down the stairs. I may have missed something, but I thought I had checked it all out properly. As I say, the repeating "go back to sleep' message must mean I missed something, and obviously I don't wanna miss a thing. Not all gamers are created equal
  4. I am in the same boat, I have presumably done it all and are in a 'I am tired and need to go to bed' loop and nothing appears to happen. If it is the end, it would have been nice to have had an indication as such? But never mind, a mind blowing game and I am gonna do it ooorl agen. Thanks a brazillion devs :-)
  5. Rats! Thanks for the reply. Time to start again.
  6. I just met the cloaked suit chappies, how far would you say I am through chappie 1?
  7. Can't find the cypher blades like poster above, and looked in places mentioned by mxthe - have combed each and every storage room several times so; Does it highlight? Is there some sort of hide and seek trick? Nev mine, I reloaded earlier save and it magically appeared ..
  8. Not stuck ..umm just confused, the last thing I did was get access to a basement of the building you need the remote for - night fell, lightning tree fell, crow, the dream went through the end door and after a lengthy scene of walking behind a guard and a *ahem* a wet dream, a checkpoint is reached. I looked in load game and I see it says "Chapter 1" .. does that mean I did the prologue holus bolus? Not that I mind and it was fun being scared in the house ( wasn't fun feeling useless at FPShooting nevermind, I just wimped out and put it on easy ) But I sort of was expecting more for some reason. Only real fright I got was in a dream sequence where Jakey boy is feeling guilty then "waahhh". So question is did I do the prologue, if I had progressed to that stage / does it automatically start Chapter 1?
  9. Ahhhhhhhhh .. doh and arrgh and face palm ... muchas gracias .. that's a few hours of my precious life I will never get back, never mind moving right along.
  10. That's what I have acertained, however when I take the piano part to the music box, no action, menu or any other sort of interactivity is possible
  11. Thanks for the reply, nice subtle suggestion - forgot to mention that I had already I got some little dooferizer which appeared from the peeanna after tinkling the ivories, and I tried interacting with the mucus box but to naught avail. It doesn't seem to appear in the personal inventory just on the table. As for the Jakes rumpy pumpy on the piano forte, the ol' C major down to E minor is always a winner. I am assuming that thingy from the piano is the *cough* Key but how .. oh my
  12. I confess I am not the sharpest Katana in the inventory, and usually end up googling help but for the following problem I am stumped. However I have tried. I am in the prologue have done up to dream 4. In the house with the music box requiring a fix. I haven't found the key to the cellar, so presumably there might be a clue or a tool in there? There is a wrench in garage but it does diddly squat. Night keeps falling and no new dreams appear. A quality of circularity is upon me and I can't find out. Haaalp
  13. Thank you so much for the reply and the mod!! Yea, after I ( played properly when I wasn't tired and grumpy ) looked properly, saw the health supplies and suddenly remembered < vortigaunt_voice>The Freeman</ vortigaunt_voice> So to celebrate I have ramped difficutly up to hard - survival is not tiddlywinks with grandpa. Mxthe you are a true human and obviously not a NWO slave zombie - If I interpret a phone call I got, when in Jakes house correctly, about the Govt NOT being the loving paternal entity the sheeple would believe it to be!! Hell here in New Zealand our gummint are overtly a bunch of ******* I can't imagine what it's like in the Wild West ( US )???? When I think about how these qualities that are required to focus on a project like this mod you have created, and the tenacity to see it through after vast tracts of time, I can only marvel before turning a delicate shade of green.
  14. So to to be sure - there is no wimping out and using F5 ..that is Save / Quicksave? I asked over at Moddb, so sorry to be repeating question here .. but seemed weird given HL2 has it. When your a bad player like me, repeating that horsepiddle scene at the start is just ... sad :-( I know I could put it on Easy but you know
  15. Wunderbar, then in the mean time I will play Patience, Chess, Checkers and other non scary games :-)