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  1. I do remember an Easter egg where I found a card behind a mirror on the part where you have to activate the elevators and I think it was on the second floor. When you would open and then close the mirror And, in the mirror there's blood all behind you and I think it disappears when you look back not sure because I accidentally closed the mirror by accident.
  2. 5000 views and no responses... well isn't that interesting?
  3. Im confused why does this have 806 views but no answers at all .-. spooky.
  4. Ive been wanting to play NH2 again (ive played it a long time ago and loved it) i came back to it. It shows the startup video then after it starts loading then IMMEDIATLY closes and pops up an error saying Unable to load surface prop file 'scripts/surfaceproperties_ep2.txt' (referenced by manifest file 'scripts/surfaceproperties_manifest.txt') And before anyone says Yes i have half life 2 ep 2 installed and all of the source sdk's Yes ive reinstalled NH2, HL2 EP 2,SOURCE SDK 2006,AND 7 So yeah anybody else have this problem?