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  1. Do you still have this save ? Could you send it to mediafire or other host? I tried fixing some "double doors" crashes. I found other double doors which cause crash. You can skip whole "technical" part of my post, just read the part after "My patch" words. There is modified dll file (patched by me). With that file I can go to those double doors and nothing bad happens. I'm curious, will my patch work for you or not.
  2. If you use forum search you will find this topic: Post number five
  3. Why you didn't send me private message on wecreatestuff forum? Anyway, I added you.
  4. Warning: nerd stuff So, I loaded my old save (from third playthrough). Just for screenshots for this guy (you can skip this spoiler): My reply: And again, 3 minutes later, I encountered "Red Doors of Death". I reported it earlier in "Bug Reports and Technical Support". App crash, message: "Instruction at referenced memory could not be read". (under WinXP. If you are using Win7 you will see something different) Only this specific door. Strange thing is: on my second playthrough I didn't get "Red Doors of Death". It happened for the first time and third time. I used debugger, this is what I got: OK. The real error message is: "Stack overflow". I analyzed this piece of code: I set breakpoint at the beginning of function (at 145D5350). While opening normal doors, it breaks only once. While opening double doors, it breaks once or two times (if left wing then once, if right wing then two times. Or vice versa). While opening BROKEN double door, this function is endlessly called. I stepped, line-by-line. This is what I found out: - normal doors (any, single-door) - code at 145D538B is never reached - double doors (any, double-door) - code at 145D538B is reached 1 time or never. (depends on which wing I chose) - BROKEN double door I found - code at 145D538B is always reached. (doesn't depend on wing I chose) For normal door: start at 145D5350, up to 145D535D, then from 145D53AF to 145D53C9 For double door, left wing: start at 145D5350, up to 145D535D, then from 145D53AF to 145D53C9 For double door, right wing: start at 145D5350, up to 145D53A8, "CALL EDX" calls function (at 145D5350, this time for left wing), function (recursive count = 1) ends normally then, function (recursive count = 0) ends normally So, there is recursion. I think this function is for seeking through list or tree. (After seeking, probably it triggers parent object... or something) For BROKEN double door, whatever wing. There is ENDLESS recursion: start at 145D5350, up to 145D53A8, "CALL EDX" - function calls itself "CALL EDX" (recursive count = 1) - function calls itself "CALL EDX" (recursive count = 2) - function calls itself "CALL EDX" (recursive count = 3) - function calls itself ... "CALL EDX" (recursive count = 901) - function calls itself ... "CALL EDX" (recursive count = 9001) - function calls itself ... CRASH, "Stack overflow". I see that stack is filled with "cyclic data". Stack, when we are at 145D53A8 while recursive count = 4, BROKEN double door, looks like this: And: Also, I figured out that placing "RETN 10" at the beginning of function I can basically turn off: door closing/opening, switches flipping, desk drawer moving, etc. My patch: If both conditions are true, then endless recursion loop is detected. I force quiting main function and all recursively called functions. I don't know if it is good enough, because it treats the symptoms not the disease. Unfortunately, user Stahlin never sent his save (crash when close to the workshop area). So, for now, I can say this fix treats "Red Doors of Death" only. (doors I found) I created modified server.dll (goes here sourcemods\Underhell\bin) and played for 50 minutes. No "Stack overflow" crash or other errors caused by my modification. After loading this save, do you get hl2.exe crash while trying to open this door? After using this dll, do you still have hl2.exe crash?
  5. If you have crash to desktop* while using some doors,switches,levers or valves: - WinXP will throw "memory could not be read" message window, sometimes without any message - Win7 and newer will throw "APPCRASH" then you can try modified file "server.dll" *caused by "stack overflow" exception @Donut, uhm, this whole topic isn't about Todd.
  6. @JustAnotherGuy, AFAIK, source engine, from SDK 2007, can export to tga (raw), jpg and AVI (only DIVX, but it doesn't work for me). Is that correct? I created batch script which uses ffmpeg and mp4box. It converts on the fly all RAW data (tga files) to video files, chunks. Every 150 tga, that is 5 seconds (or 6 seconds, depends on framerate), it converts to video mp4 file (x264, CRF=10), then those 150 files are immediately deleted. So, instead of 5400 tga files (total 13.7GB), I have 36 mp4 files (total 1.63GB). At the end, video files are merged into one big video file with audio. (I can share that batch script if you want) Are you using built-in "startmovie"? About "Demo smoother". It requires a lots of work. Key frames, splines, and a lot of mouse clicking. Do you use built-in smoother? Or maybe you are using third party tool? I stared learning this build-in "camera path smoother" few days ago. Result: (unfortunately, I'm not an artist)
  7. @Stahlin Open your Underhell_Chapter1_1.2.7z with WinRAR or 7zip. Click "Test" icon. Just to be sure. (to be perfectly sure, you can extract it again and overwrite files inside sourcemods\Underhell, backup "save" folder first) Or... I have an idea. Can you upload your latest save file (go to \Steam\steamapps\sourcemods\Underhell\SAVE and sort files by modification date, select latest SAV file (autosave) or SAV TGA pair, compress them with WinRAR or 7zip, upload somewhere and give link.) If it's damaged data (not game files, not save file, but data/structures stored in that save file), I think: - that damaged data occurred long time ago (and it's inside your latest autosaves, last two, last five, who knows)[/size] - I should have the same error at the same place (after loading your save file) - If I don't get that error maybe it will fix it, and I can send it back to you. (if I remember correctly, there will be autosave after collecting first piece, I will send you back that autosave) About your screenshot, in many cases, informations inside that window are useless. drwtsn32 (post mortem debugger) from WinXP is slightly better.
  8. I made it too, some time ago. Three kicks and you can go. On the right side. Sadly, no easter eggs.
  9. You got those errors while extracting archive: - "Data error in ...... File is broken." - "CRC failed in ....... File is broken." - "Can not open file .... as archive" or something similar. You downloaded this archive with torrent client from official torrent file - open your torrent client, highlight "Underhell" entry - stop torrent - click "Force Re-Check" (choose this from context menu) - torrent client should check file and re-download missing pieces. You downloaded this archive from moddb mirrors or other mirrors (posted in comments) I know three methods. - First: download it again. Captain Obvious. - Second (the fastest method): move that file to another directory, for example to C:\repairing make sure that file has name "Underhell_Chapter1_1.2.7z" download official .torrent file, open it with your torrent client, set download directory to C:\repairing torrent client should check file and re-download missing pieces. If your ISP blocked BitTorrent traffic, try third method. - Third: You have "Underhell_Chapter1_1.2.7z" file Download par2 file(s) created by me place them next to corrupted 7zip archive install MultiPar (associate with par2 file extension) double click any par2 file, wait (verifying), click repair button. Fixed file will be: "Underhell_Chapter1_1.2.7z". You can try extract it. Old file will be (if broken) renamed to Underhell_Chapter1_1.2.7z.1 ( ".1" at the end) You can try with one par2 file (23MB file), if this is not enough, additionally download 46MB file and try again. If you downloaded all three par2 files, MultiPar will be able to repair/recover up to 10% of lost data. Note1: "repair" button, not the "recreate" button Note2: close 7zip or WinRAR before you start repairing. Par2 files: 23MB par2 file DOWNLOAD LINK 46MB par2 file DOWNLOAD LINK 91MB par2 file DOWNLOAD LINK (created with MultiPar Good luck.
  10. @rehanharris (another spam bot?) This is bullshit. How it can recover data loss (even only 1% data loss)? It can not. For data recovery we NEED repair records.
  11. We can save them. You will probably have to try several times. If you failed, just load autosave.
  12. Of course if we want 100% realism for reloading firearms, we have to do many steps: removing the magazine from the pistol, inserting a cartridge into a magazine, inserting a magazine into the pistol, pulling back the slide, cocking the hammer, toggling the safety. (check game called "Receiver") If you're using a revolver, for instance, you'll need to dump out all of your shells in order to reload, and then put in each new bullet individually. I think it would be too much for this game... But, some games have different reloading mechanic: Red Orchestra, Day of Defeat, Rainbow Six, Jagged Alliance, ARMA,..... Anyway. I tried my best to recreate this: "ALL the remaining bullets are left in the magazine and thrown away". I modified, I think, piece of code designed only for "firearms with magazines". So, shotguns should have "normal" reload mechanic. I created modified server.dll file. You can test it. Just place it inside this folder, overwriting existing file. You need Underhell version 1.2. Of course: DO BACKUP. File location: steamapps\sourcemods\Underhell\bin Download link: virustotal scan report: I played for 30 minutes without crash. Not tested on Win7 and Win8. PS: TurkeyMasser, Dune Jumper, can you test it ?
  13. But that would be to much for this game. (for example elevator fight with ACEs)
  14. Yes, seemingly kills himself. Nice move Mxthe.
  15. @JNJohn (or maybe you are a spam bot) Well, just try this: create about 1.5GB file, 7zip archive, maximum preset and huge dictionary size (as big as you can). You can compress Win7 system files or whatever you want. Now: 1) open your fresh 7zip file with good hexeditor and remove last 10MB (about 10485760 bytes). That way you can simulate broken download from website. Try tool you suggested. It can not fix it. 2) open your fresh 7zip file with good hexeditor, overwrite about 20 bytes, just change original to 00, in random locations. That way you can simulate broken torrent download or damaged media like CD or DVD. Tool you suggested - it can not fix it.
  16. Well, I hate losing my money, I hate losing my time, etc. But. I think, IRL Jake would like to waste two or three bullets and load fresh magazine so he could quickly shoot 8 zombies in row. Keep in mind that if you press R key with 0, 1 or 2 bullets, you don't loose to much. If you pressed R key when having 29/30, it is your fault. Consider this scenario: Jake have 25 bullets left in the magazine and 6 zombies are running into him. Jake fires, first headshot, second headshot, then he decides to reload. (because Sam_Ja pressed R key). Damn. Could you wait a while? I'm reloading! Jake thought bitterly. Jake removes the magazine from the MP5. He start inserting 7 bullets. Carefully, first, second, third, .... Om nom nom nom. Btw. I have other idea. When we hear intense music (which indicates we are spotted) Jake will reload by throwing almost empty magazine and inserting fresh one. When he is not fighting for life, he can reload like Scrooge.
  17. @latingamer, nothing new:
  18. Ohh, too bad. I didn't know about that video.
  19. Before "elevator trap", use Radio Cracker inside, then hide above. All soldiers will be doomed. Maybe I will upload youtube movie...
  20. You can modify it, just hax DLL files inside \sourcemods\Underhell\bin
  21. Zombies can move PDA, blame them. Just be glad they did not take it away, out of map.
  22. I don't know. When I failed it for the first time (prologue 1.5 full) I just loaded autosave. With "chapter1" I didn't fail, I did not have to load a save. If you treat "youtube lets players" as reliable feedback, it's your call. Or maybe just pickup randomly one path (out of few) for all of them, just before hostage shows up. Like you randomly set NPC behavior (hostage situation in the apartments).
  23. You can find this rifle, just break ceiling with screwdriver, the room with switch where you can move big container.
  24. Gr8. I will try find them with my third playthrough. (next year? or maybe when SDK 2013 port)