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  1. Weird, I was able to jump after that. I don't know. I have restart many time. Every times I break the pipe and Ito shows out. I just can't jump at that part
  2. Can't jump in the dream after the shower fight if you fight the guards until the pipe breaks, so you can't continue the game where you need to jump on the table.
  3. If that was the problem, is there any way to fix it expect download it again?
  4. I am pretty sure he did. Edit: If you mean to launch SDK before installed underhell, probably not.
  5. I told my friend to play underhell recently. He doesn't have HL2 so I told him to install Source SDK base 2007 first and download underhell. at first he installed it at "Steam/Steamapps/Common" which is wrong, so I tell him to put it to "Steamapps/SourceMods" and restart steam, but it is still not working. Is there anything could fix it?
  6. Takeo said he had dealed with Igor. So I guess he was the one locked Igor in.
  7. Since the background of the game comes to a city. I think there would be some car driving, or even some car-driving-stealth parts in game.
  8. *I turned a radio cracker on before I get into the mainframe* Roger: Oh no! No, they've sent in reinforcements! They're gonna break in! Oh no no no no no! Soldier: Who turn on a radio?! Roger: You've gotta do something! They're gonna kill us! *booom* Roger: Oh my...Oh my God, you did it. That was insane! *Later Roger: Here they come!
  9. Bryan: Look at this motherfucking gun! You have exactly five seconds to tell us where it is or your brains will paint the walls, feel me?
  10. I found 51 cards, but I missing Ace of spade It's seem like a secret card call "the Hermit Card" I read it in resource/Underhell_english I found all the other and I know that if I found entire cards Hermit will sing a song, but I never heard (I'm not so sure that I am not made any mistake of grammar, not familiar with English)