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  1. In the prologue for underhell, before chapter 1 was released, The player was able to use slow-mo at any time I believe, I remember using it after I crashed the humvee into that facility. I also remember at the end of one of the showcases mxthe had a montage of slow-mo kills. But now there isn't a button prompt for it in the control scheme. Is it now only at certain areas that slow-mo is used (like at the dual pistols part) I just wanted to know, I was kinda looking forward to the slow-mo. I understand if it was removed for the realism, but still, I wish to know if the player is able to use slow-mo at his/her discretion at any point in underhell's story, rather than just one brief encounter.
  2. Stuck at the part where you have to go find the survivors in the storage room. Is there a key card for the medical bay or something, because there are no other paths.
  3. I kinda need help again... This time when jake breaks his leg. I did the sneaky thing, getting items, avoiding zombies... but what do you do after you gain the power room keys? I can't find such a power room if I backtrack..
  4. I tried it about six times and it finally worked. Thanks, it was just that It didn't work a few times and I assumed we were to find another route...
  5. I'm stuck on the part where I have to find Matthew in the power room.... I have the canteen keycode, but it doesn't let me in and I cannot find a separate route..
  6. Check your settings. For some weird reason, if some of your graphical settings are on low, the game will crash. Happened to me when I had low shadow quality and then I upped it, started to work again. That's the only thin I could see happening...
  7. Thank you, that helped a lot.
  8. I'm stuck at this very part where you know who dies. All the doors are locked, I run around in circles trying to find a way out, but cannot find any.