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  1. Hello, so I did a lot of stuff in the house, and now, i found pliers. Jake says there is a metal fence where I could use them. I can't find it! Please, tell me where can I use the pliers to move on? Thank you very much if you can help me out! Saymon
  2. Oh...the generator! I hope I can kill that fucker with the flashlight...he is really annoying. Can you just kick an infected to death? I hope so....
  3. But where do I turn off the electricity? :/ Is there a switch back there where the infected is?
  4. When Jake gets hit by the power of the water flow and falls on a railing, hurting his leg. Then when I get to a water room which I fill with more water to get to the other side, it sends electricity to it. There is a door on the other side where I find a medkit and fix my leg. But I cannot find a way to get to the room with one small hole in the glass. Please ask any questions, should you feel confused how I described my problem. I would love to move on in the mod, please help Saymon