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  1. Well... It seems to be that that without Jake Ito's troops have attacked the safehouse making the team to escape.
  2. Have they died along with Eric's crew when Ito's men attacked?
  3. So now he's a clone?
  4. Let me get it. He never really was there?
  5. So... He did was an inmate in A.R.C or all the time Michael was trying to get infomation from him? Until he was shot by the sniper anything he felt and seen was real? Then they somehow managed to take him back to the city?
  6. EDIT MXTHE : Use spoiler tags, did it for you
  7. So Jake is mentally unstable.
  8. All right. But can others see "Her" or only Jake?
  9. There is a small chance that that NM3 will come out but there is still chance.
  10. Mxthe was truly the one who built the game code by code,script by script,Model by model, for almost three years while Tom made the soundtrack and others the voice acting.
  11. Now i understand... One last thing:Can others see Jake's wife or it is one of the effect he got for being tested by Doctor Romero?