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  1. Will do, thanks man
  2. It's an insane idea I agree, but there just has to be a way :L
  3. I was wondering if someone could help me out here. I have a friend who owns a Half Life 2 Roleplay server, and I got the sudden idea of using a map from Underhell. (uh_Chapter1_02, intro where you leave the chopper and you see Terry and everything) 1.) When I load it I'm missing many textures 2.) I'm not looking to see the textures by adding all the files to my gmod or mounting it. I need some sort of content file for the materials,models,textures, so other people can join and see all the textures for that specific map 3.) I'm unable to decompile the map and edit it, everytime I open it with Hammer Editor, it says I'm missing some sort of model and it failed to load, then exits So I need some help getting this map to work properly for a public server, any help? The map is this: (Copied Current time to be more specific) I have very high expectations for this EDIT: Can someone get a list of models and textures specifically needed only for this map Also, if you know anyone good with servers and mapping, it'll be nice to have their help. (Mxthe gave me the ok just now, so I have permission to use the map as soon as it's ready for public servers)
  4. Pssh, lucky randomization... And how did he enter 3rd person for a second?
  5. Easy as hell really I have all of those and I still can't complete it xD
  6. That pretty much narrows it down, Thanks again Mxthe, but I'm still curious if there is going to be a trailer...
  7. Many of my friends also ask what the story is about, but I have trouble summarizing that without boring them out. The Moddb only gives a brief of the Prologue, so it's difficult to tell them without spoiling anything.
  8. Getting a new PC around the start of November !!! Specs: Memory-Ripjaw 8 GB Ram Video Card-Radeon 7950 3GB Processor-Corei5 3.4 GHz Cooler-Hyper 212 Evo Hard Drive Space- 2TB

  9. I was wondering if there would be an Underhell Chapter 1 Gameplay >Trailer< coming anytime soon. I have a friend who calls 70% of the games/mods out there gay, and I'm trying to back up my persuasion. So I'm just wondering if there's gonna be a trailer that'll show some cool feature gameplay that's not 20 minutes long mixed with some storyline instead of >just< scenes from the story. (You're mod is perfect FYI, but it deserves more popularity.) ***Get this game Greenlit guys, it'll solve a lot of download problems for you and get this game more popular!!!***
  10. Edit: Thanks Mxthe Edit Again: When I need to burn something in The House, I can't find anything to burn it with. I tried books, wooden boxes, shoes, I even tried tossing myself in there. I also don't know how to open it, I tried 'E' . Do I need some sort of key?