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  1. What? Can you quote this certain fragment from his diary? I'm sure you just misunderstood something o_O Oh, and by the way: there are ONLY two Janus: Western Janus and Eastern Janus. We already know that Western Janus' real name is "Tom Hawkfield". We don't know who is Eastern Janus. I agree with you Mati, there's no way that there are more than 2 Jake's, and the entire idea is silly. First of all, when did they all have time to sync up their memories as such, and secondly, like you said, why would you protect and treat a lab experiment clone of your son, as if he is your son? You wouldn't, so I give you Kudos for being sensible ideas wise!
  2. Isn't that scare in the Chapter 1 House? He's saying he's in the Prologue House. Nearly positive this happened in prologue, though I could be wrong. Though still nearly completely sure of it. I would walk out through here. Again, this only worked if I walked from INSIDE to OUTSIDE. Not sure if that's just my luck, but that's the only time it has happened to me, and it always seemed to activate when I touched the grass. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=199721139 I am guessing you are also talking about THIS sink? http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=199721121 (Sorry for having to use links, don't know how else to upload/show) Well, the issue with this being a sink scare is, the moment I walked out the door in the first picture, everything would slow down (host_timescale value reduces to 0.2-0.3 or so, I did test it) and immediately the screen would start fading to white. At 5 seconds everything would stop being visible, then 1 second later it would go back to normal. Even if there was a scare at the sink I wouldn't be able to go back to it fast enough in order to see it. Wait... That is NOT the sink scare. You said slow-mo doesn't activate and it's just the host_timescale that is reduced?? There is no wavy things around your screen? And you say it fades to white? Guys, this is the script from the beginning of chapter 1. Where you go off property and this happens. Why is it happening when he walks out his back door? It's the sink scare. The sink scare activates bullettime. The only resemblance to the sink scare is the splash. This event causes the screen to fade to white to the point where you can no longer see, and the timescale is reduced. This is all the same as the walking off property event. I don't have anything to say, I just wanted to quote all these quotes. Damn ya! Really interesting find there.
  3. There seems to be more than enough easter eggs to last until Chapter 2
  4. Bullshit. I walked over to his chair and saw him lying on the ground, limbs sprawled, lifeless face. He died instantly, and I stared at his corpse for a good minute or two before I made my way out of the interrogation room. That's the other guy (the skeptical one). If you move fast, you will see Michael alive in the elevator. He's still in play. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Quote tag broke for your name. No clue why. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Err... I saw the body, and took a screenie. Unfortunately, I had to use the console. As soon as I got close to the body, the light that showed him burst. I had to turn on mat_fullbright to actually be able to see him. So, here's his body, lying lifeless on the ground. Micheal is dead. http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/902138687560821369/EF6ABF7FF9F916ECCF0C3D02DD618F51BE10A831/1024x819.resizedimage And as for the other suited guy, he left the room to get his coffee, and after the airplane thing, he ran out of the room. That still isn't Micheal. The guy on the ground has a beard. Go look at the elevators just after you leave the interrogation room. Get a picture of that guy close-up, and show me that *that* guy isn't Michael. Yeah, I saw Micheal in the elevator.
  5. NH2 is connected. It just won't be referenced or spoken of anymore. And Jessica is probably a civie, but she will probably play a big part in Chapter 2. Ok, thank you. Its just that it would be very hard to explain, and would turn this game into more of a Fahreneit/Indigo Prophecy game, which had some real potential, and then went full blown paranormal, and this is more of a Sci-fi/horror thing which is a collection of different Genres.
  6. Before Chapter One was released somebody (including me) thought that it's Mia, but looks like we were wrong. Mia in Ch. 1: So guys, what do you think? Who is that woman on the first pic? To modify my original statement: I think the first woman is Jessica Johnson. Bryan mentions her in one of his PDAs. She is apparently a good friend of Jake's Wife too. But here's the questionable thing though: If Jessica happens to be Bryan's Wife, there are bad implications. Since every wife in Underhell (and shared universe NH2) has gone crazy trying to assassinate their former husband, I'm thinking that Jessica is in league with She. She looks very alive in that picture though, so she might not be dead. Examples of crazed wives would be Jake's, Romero's, and Matthew's. Jedi, NH2 is not connected. I think Jess might just be a person who is a civvie. Is that possible?
  7. That is pretty kick ass, very awesome!
  8. That's what ammo pouches are for, am I not correct? Just stuff your magazines in there, and THEN take the bullets out at a safe room or when your just in general safe. He is now wearing a full security amour set minus a helmet. So he would surely be able to do that? Or even somehow make it so that the game counted individual magazines, and shown you somehow how many bullets are in each. That would be something on a whole new difficulty level though I would guess. And also, in the ORIGINAL Rainbow six (PS1 version) you just put the magazine that you reloaded in a pouch, and if you shot all of your other magazines, you had to use that one.
  9. MIND BLOWN! *Brains explode and collapse in on a alternate reality and then explode outwards*
  10. Only reason I'm not 100% certain of this is because: Frank said that's where the helicopters were coming from. Why the heck would helicopters be coming from NLH? One thing: Where were the hangars in NH2? Only one I remember was that landing pad near the end. What you mentioned about helicopters leaving could explain a few things about what happened after NH2. Guys, NH2 and Underhell...................are unconnected completely. They don't have any connection. Mxthe said the Easter eggs were just nods and little reorganizations of NH2. Stop with all these theory's.
  11. Right, so I was getting stuck on where the titanium vent was for dropping down next to the locked door, and I decided to watch GaLm because Charly and a few mods were advising, so I was watching that, and I saw at one point the office I found the PDA in, that was Walters, I instead saw it was blocked up and there was a card on the shelf, and I was wondering where else it could spawn. EDIT: Don't worry, found the tenth card for the Crossbow, awesome weapon, second best because of the fire axe and Benilli
  12. Has the problem with the hermit been fixed yet or not, its just because I saved a second or two ago before meeting him, and so I wondered if I should meet him. I just really dont want a bugged save file
  13. Yeah, sure I will check it. I don't wont it to be force upon EVERYONE, but have a difficulty customization, if possible that is, but if not make the reload thing be a little tick box for it.
  14. Fair enough. It was just a idea for Hard Difficulty or something. I would definitely play through Underhell on Hard Difficulty if there was something like that or MUCH, MUCH more emphasis on stealth for the Prologue. But if it isn't included at all, then I would be fine. It was just something that I liked the idea because only really Rainbow Six, Cry Of Fear, and Battlefield 4 do it, which I find a shame. But meh.
  15. If this is supposed to be a survival game, then why don't you have a reload feature where when you reload your current magazine, ALL the remaining bullets are left in the magazine and thrown away with the actual magazine? This might solve any feeling of safety with a full magazine and knowing you can just reload the second you've killed dude A. And maybe you could then put them into a Pouch or something by holding R so that you could use those 5 bullets? I really don't know how you would properly balance this, but the general idea appeals to me in the setting of Underhell.