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  1. Also, Chapter 1 was very fun. Good job. I've seen contrary things about how Underhell is currently being developed. If I remember right, the team took a one-two month break after the release of Chapter 1 fixing bugs and the like. It now has been two months, so that would mean development has likely been restarted. I also read that Underhell is planned to be ported to SDK13. Since Mxthe has mentioned that Underhell is in a transitory time due to SDK problems here : http://forums.wecreatestuff.com/index.php?/topic/76822-source-sdk-problems/, it seems likely that such transitions are underway. My questions about this are thus: 1. I've seen some people say that the transition to SDK13 will be fast and smooth. However, I've seen others say that converting to SDK13 is quite a hassle and thus will take a very long time. Is the conversion of Underhell to SDK13 long and/or difficult? (Simple and fast would mean you're already done or certain to be finished this month.) 2. I have seen rumors of the ported Underhell being released after the changes are done. Is this true? If so, will there be changes from the user's point of view? 3. Will Chapter 2 be delayed until SDK13 is finished? Or are they being developed simultaneously? 4. Will we expect more gameplay changes between Chapter 1 and Chapter 2? 5. A guy on MOD DB says that Mxthe has a long story script for the entire mod. Is this true? 6. I'd also like to know exactly how Underhell will be ported to SDK13. (with technical information; I've modded other games before.) 7. If conversion to SDK13 is seperate from Chapter 2 development and the converted mod is released, will there be additional game content along with it? Appreciate any answers you have.
  2. The best strategy would be to use Gmod for this and create a Concerned-like comic.
  3. All these images are taken from Alexander Voysey's ModDB profile. He posts his WIPs there. Good to know.
  4. Sorry, I made a miscalculation. I misjudged the amount of time between days. Assuming the same amount of time is used for the new stuff, the release date is February 28, 2016. I was using a generalization of Black Mesa's release time as a worst case scenario. After the updates stopped on moddb, I found some other updates on some Russian community for Underhell. It suggests that the redone version of the Hermit is done; good job. However, that outlet stopped shortly after displaying the new version of the player character. I doubt many found that update, so I'll just put it here for others who happen upon this post: Also, the length of time until the estimated release date suggests we're ~54% there.
  5. I believe not almost but okay... Assuming Underhell isn't dead already: We're more accurately close to about a fourth there.
  6. My guess: November 17, 2019 +2 years for engine switch +2 years for Chapter 2 and multiple games +1 for Ch3
  7. UDRC came first; it could be on the other side of town. Then Jake is sent to the ARC. Chapter 1 here. Michael puts Jake in a trance at the end of the Prologue. Chapter 2 intro here. So the two can potentially exist.
  8. Sometime in 2017.
  9. You're referring to the dreams in Chapter 1 itself, I see. They should be rather straightforward. If Guilt shows up, you need to hide in one of those green boxes with the slits on it. Those dreams don't get much tougher than that. The House Dreams are a different story.
  10. Some additional evidence that that the NH2 Romero essentially made a pocket universe bringing in things from other universes: After another playthrough of NH2, I have studied the pocket universe's skybox and I have found that there is nothing except mountains in all directions. The City in the UH universe is just outside the NH2 hospital, according to the lore. There is clearly no city out there, but there is a single road that can be used. A hospital literally in the middle of nowhere serves no practical purpose, so it must have been stolen from its original universe. A revision of the NH2 Alpha Squad's fate: I have noticed that the alternate Alpha Squad makes a short cameo before the final chapter. When moving through the vents when Alpha 1 tells you to open a door (this is during the forklift puzzle in the warehouse) you can see the alternate Alpha Squad dead on the floor, with only skeletons remaining. They were presumably killed by the same monster that killed UH Alpha 2.
  11. Let me explain all this to you, before the "NH2 has nothing to do with Underhell" people say their thing. This is a bit of speculation which certainly has not been confirmed by the devs and never will to keep interpretations open. Underhell is an alternate timeline of Nightmare House 2. Although Romero was very important in NH2's universe, he has been reduced to an honest doctor in the UH (of which shall henceforth refer to Underhell) universe. Presumably, Emily Romero of the UH universe is still alive, and the hospital featured in NH2 is still active. The hospital, according to the wiki, is just outside the city in UH, presumably in both timelines. Since the devs are quite firm on the statement that NH2 will not appear more in the UH universe, this is my interpretation of how NH2 ties in with UH, without leaving any loose ends open: In September in the UH universe, Mrs. Romero of the NH2 universe died. The Core of NH2 was used by Romero to try to merge the hospitals of both universes. Alpha Squad of the UH universe is sent in, and is transported to the NH2 universe (their NH2 counterparts were never called, because the City in NH2 does not exist, and so no one would know). Since NH2's Emily is dead and UH's Emily is alive, the Core got confused and made her something in between. It would be safe to say that UH's Romero is one of the walking corpses in the NH1 section. In order to secure her release from the NH2 universe and get revenge for her husband, Emily plots to kill off her husband's counterpart. Of course, Romero augments the Core to prevent her from getting to him. The merging of the two universes are the cause of the hallucinations. For example, in the NH2 area with the reducing hallway, the hallucination is switching to Underhell's counterpart of the room, which does not exist. The hallucinations could accidentally include objects from other timelines, as well. The events of Underhell causes the hospital staff to be zombified. Due to its lack of strategic value, no one decides to clear out the zombies within. As such, the hospital staff of NH2 is merged with their zombified counterparts. The shadows that appear are people who did not exist in NH2, but were brought in anyway, causing their dark state due to there being no body to merge with. Romero, knowing that the zombies don't like light, ensured that there was minimal light throughout the complex, if the light wasn't already destroyed by zombies before the merge. The mannequin sequence and blood-down-the-walls sequences are presumably other timelines leaking in. The strange zombies are probably zombified intruders from another, third timeline. This can also explain why the fourth Alpha Squad member can disappear in an instant, because he was momentarily shifted into an alternate NH2 hospital (presumably UH's counterpart). Alpha Squad, due to entering the area being merged, is sent into the future by a month by the Core. Their memory of a different HQ is the reason they cannot contact their superiors. Destroying the Core cancelled the merging attempt. Since the hospital will never appear again (I believe), it is assumed that the merging attempt caused the UH hospital to cease to exist in the UH universe, and is now trapped in the NH2 universe. The good thing is that the Core's destruction shifted Emily back to UH's universe and the dimensional merging barrier is gone. Since everyone except one lone NH2 universe native is dead for both hospitals, there wasn't any collateral damage from the act of destroying the Core. And that is my reasoning for why there will be no more NH2 references in UH: Everyone is either dead or shifted to the other universe.
  12. Another one I found: When I was shooting at zombies, moving backwards, with my flashlight on, during the sewer sequence where Jake splits off from Bryan and Matthew, falling into the hole/slide did not remove the flashlight. Instead, it was permanently turned on with no way to turn it off. I did not see if the actual flashlight pickup would have fixed this.
  13. Oh umm Clearly responding to the underlined words,Terry and Ben already Died In the EXPLOSION (during the escape) meaning that they Failed to do what they had todo. Ben and Terry are MIA; at best we'll see them in very late Chapter 2 or Chapter 3. The explosion you say in the desert didn't happen. The desert escape was an alternate series of events Jake thought up. In reality, Bryan and Jake were captured after fighting Igor. I assume that Ben and Terry are hiding in the basement somewhere to let Ito and the zombies fight each other.
  14. According to the Wiki, they can be saved. Todd and Carl are those two guys in Eric's team who die early in Chapter 1. How is this done?
  15. Mine was rather even with Mike's. 15 or so compared to Mike's 13.
  16. There is a secret room in the Maintenance Labs. You can access it by going through the vent ,just like when you open the elevator schaft to MGPS, but this time you go the opposite way.You'll end up in another control room locked from the inside, and there is another room with boxes full of pistol's ammo and grenades (for both MGL and MP5 EOD). The Grenade Launcher may randomly spawn there, on the table. I'll take a look on my next playthrough.
  17. Where do you find the grenade launcher? All I know is that it's in the labs somewhere.
  18. I see. Using that logic... I believe Mxthe said before that we can assume that the port to engine2013 will be ready sooner than Chapter 1's wait time. Therefore, assume the maximum, 1.5 years. (At February 2016) Judging from Mxthe's posts in the past leading up to Chapter 1, Chapter 2 will be out a year after the port is finished. This is to be considered true for the next two Chapters, as well, since I will be optimistic and assume there won't be another engine switch. So: Chapter 2: March 2017 Chapter 3: April 2018 Chapter 4 (dev completion): May 2019 Full thing: November 2019
  19. Yep, you're correct. It is hard to say how long Ch. 2 will be in development since... you know what. My prediction:Port comes out in 2 years (2016). Ch2 comes out 3 years later (2019). Assume dev time linearly increases, so assuming no more engine troubles, the full thing will be out in ~2030. Lolwut?? You know what really took that long to release chapter one? Underhell had no combat/survival/stealth features at all. By the time, the team was so NEW to developing a mod, that they had barely any experience. Half of the development time was a big fixing. But now team got bigger and more professionally experienced. Features and gameplay mechanics have been created. There will be less troubles with bugs and glitches now. Chapter 1 remake will just feature same thing, except everything will be remodeled. And while thing a are getting remodeled, there isn't much required for Mxthe to do. Meanwhile he can go on with his jobs on other game companies. And chapter 2 development to take 3 years? I will only consider your theory, last resort/worst case scenario. And it is yet highly unlikely Judging from the information on Chapter 1 shortly after the Prologue came out, the framework for Chapter 1 was essentially already made. Due to the engine upgrade, they have to start from scratch (partially model-wise and certainly map-wise) for Chapter 2. I figure, though I can't prove, that Chapter 1's maps were made in the space of ~2-3 years before the Prologue was made.
  20. Yep, you're correct. It is hard to say how long Ch. 2 will be in development since... you know what. My prediction: Port comes out in 2 years (2016). Ch2 comes out 3 years later (2019). Assume dev time linearly increases, so assuming no more engine troubles, the full thing will be out in ~2030.
  21. If you want an estimated release date, then I have this: Underhell with the new engine will be released in September 2015. Of course, this likely won't be its actual release date; the range of likely dates is considerable.
  22. Guilt failed to spawn when its chases you around the second time in the Chapter 1 hub dreamscape. This is what happened: I finished all four side dreams. Guilt spawned, and I hid until the sequence stopped. Then I walked around more and caused Tom to do one of his projected memories. Then Guilt spawned again, I hid, and the sequence didn't stop. I walked around looking for it, but it was nowhere. I had to restart to fix it. Edit: Bryan's side quest fails to start if two survivors are saved at once after saving the first main quest batch.
  23. I for one, would approve of seeing Jake's Wife in a T-shirt and jeans.
  24. Didn't see that. Anything interesting in there?