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  1. Her powers in the plot might be weakened, but she is still clearly powerful in the House. Also, we don't know exactly what relation the House has to Underhell's main world; it could be a dreamworld Jake goes to when he gets knocked out, or it could be a pocket dimension that Jake can access and his wife lives in. This is what I'm thinking: 1. Jake is hallucinating his wife and the guilt monster Dead Space style. Raito was doing all the work, and all the things that can't be explained (such as, if this is true, Raito lifting Jake in the air for a few seconds before throwing him out.) were just hallucinations. Jake is also the only person who can see his wife and Guilt. 2. Jake's Wife found a way to get into the main world and escape the pocket dimension. Her powers in the main world are weaker and work less often compared to her pocket dimension powers. She also strategically places herself and Guilt about to mark safety and danger, respectfully.
  2. We know the reason. Moreover, one of the security guards (before the outbreak starts for good) told something like this: "Do you actually believe he killed them all?" I'm pretty sure it was about Jake. Well, it seems to not be quite possible. In Prologue - Jake kills Danko and is exposed for The Gas for the first time. In Chapter One - Danko is already dead and Ito states that Jake was exposed for The Gas before. This is how I think the chronology is: -> Prologue first - up until the Michael portion. -> Royce has a chat with the policeman and stuffs him in the ARC. -> Chapter 1 (That is - the actual events of Chapter 1; nothing in the Chapter 2 teaser section). Presumably, the police and SWAT unit are suppressed or killed by Ito's PMC during this time. -> Royce captures Jake; Jake is sent to the police station. -> Jake meets Michael for the first time, and Michael tells Jake that a lot of people died. (A lot of terrorists and maybe a few hostages died in the Prologue, and who really cares about the terrorists dying? In the ARC however, A LOT of people died.) The SWAT unit at the end of the Prologue is fine (they whack Jake in the head at the end), but Michael says that they are dead. -> Michael puts Jake in that red-green trance The bullet in the brain messed up Jake's memory, so he can't really remember Chapter 1, forcing Michael to put him in the trance. I have the full transcript of the Prologue ending with Michael here: Michael: My name is Michael. And I am a lawyer. And much more. Do you know why you're here? You're here because...many people died. Suspects. Civilians. Unidentified personnel. Policemen. And even your own SWAT unit. All dead. Michael: You're not being charged of anything yet. The scene is being analyzed. But...it's pretty big. There's more than a mile to go through on the surface. And way more below. Do you have anything to say? Do you actually remember anything? *pause* Michael: Alright. I guess you do not. *Door opens, cop walks in* Cop: I can tell you one thing. Someone has to be held responsible for this. And judging by all the people that died, and you are the last man standing, I held you responsible for this. And I'm going to make sure you go straight to hell for what you did! Michael: Officer, please leave the room. *Cop leaves, closes door* Michael: Forgive him. He lost a friend in the incident. You see this is a rather big...incident. It's all over the news and the entire city...country...is frightened. From what I've heard, the government is actually sending Homeland Security along with the Army to this facility. To try and uncover what's going on there. They haven't even managed to enter the complex yet so...Right now, you're the only one who knows what lies within. So, Jake. Tell me. *Trance starts. Player is shifted back to the end of the REAL end of the Prologue.* -> Chapter 1 is remembered by Jake. This is what the player is actually playing in Chapter 1. (Example - If you go with Ben and Terry to do something at Core Command at the end, and either Ben or Terry is killed, you get a message saying "That's not how it happened" and you restart from your last save.) -> Transition between Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 teaser. In the meantime, the zombie infestation has become worse due to having time the length of Chapter 1 to expand. -> Chapter 2. Also, there is something else in Chapter 1 which is strange; during the Dream sequence directly after Jake gets shot in the face and before the dream escape from the ARC, the player walks through a red-green light door and hears both Ito and Michael say, at the same time, "Well, you are quite hard to track down." What is that about?
  3. O_O Bu...but... She's only a ghost and no one saw Her except Jake so far. Yes, She may be able to scare the sh*t out of Ito (or anyone else), but it probably wouldn't last long. Once again - She's just a ghost and is dangerous only in Jake's dreams (he wakes up every time She catches him). Also I would really like to kill Ito and destroy his PMC by myself - as Jake. I think that She shouldn't be involved in Jake's fight THAT much. Outside the House reality, Jake's Wife does actually kill someone. In the intro to Chapter 2 after you pass through the set of double doors, you'll meet up with Royce, a cop, and a random hostile soldier NPC. When you get to close, Royce kills the cop and orders the NPC to chase after you. When you get to the breakable window, Jake's Wife appears and kills the NPC, then throws you out the window. It is not clear if the soldier saw her, because he dies the moment she shows up. Raito could have killed the trooper because his blue sparking shows when you recover outside the window, but who exactly killed the trooper is unclear. Also, Jake's Wife's appearances in the main plot will presumably increase with time, and so will what she can do. Since she probably opposes everyone (but are on no-kill terms with Jake's faction), I suspect that Jake will hurt Ito bad and then his wife will finish him off.
  4. Also, how do you know that the second time the conversation happens wasn't just a placeholder?
  5. Jessica is Bryan's sister and he won't let her die as it was with Alex. As a result - Jake (and maybe Terry and Ben too ) will help Bryan with finding and securing her. Maybe a little car ride through The City outskirts?! Jessica (assuming she will be present in this chapter) will recognize Jake as her best friend's husband, Bryan (and maybe Terry and Ben too) will know about Jake's tragedy and maybe Jessica will have some information regarding Her "suicide"?Jake will meet his father - Tom "Western Janus" Hawkfield Jake will meet Josh Hammond (his private detective) and we'll know what is "not adding up" about Her "suicide". LOL, I know that my expectations are VERY far-reaching, but I just couldn't help My predictions, revised edition: Royce is going to show up and promptly get killed by Jake. In Chapter 3 Ito will either be demoted and thus lose some screentime (before eventually being killed in the last chapter), or he will join the good guys. The end of Chapter 2 will be about escaping the City and entering the outskirts (much like Get a Life's plotline). Terry and Ben will show up to help out Jake midway through Chapter 2. Matthew will be mentioned. Takeo's faction will be given more detail. Jessica will probably show up in a cameo like Mia. If Josh shows up, it will be in the House, as the first friendly and approachable NPC. Unlikely, but possibly a third enemy faction. Jake's Wife clearly opposes Ito's faction, and the zombies are mindless, so she likely opposes them as well. Then she in on neutral terms with Jake. I think that Ito's faction will be destroyed before the Epilogue, because they got wrecked by Jake's Wife, and Jake spends the Epilogue making sure she's gone for good.
  6. Exactly! It makes perfect sense. I hope that in Chapter Two we'll meet Bryan and Raito and they'll give us confirmation (or answers) about the most important questions. The confirmation is implied by the second guy in the suit at the end when talking about how they got Jake. Suit 2 - "The details? Is that what matters now? I'm sorry, but I didn't see a nuclear explosion in the middle of the city, did you?" So it's also implied that Ben and Terry managed to keep the MGPS from exploding.
  7. They say that the ARC is underneath the City. That's also why the zombies appeared so fast for Chapter 2.
  8. I asked Mxthe about this a month ago; he confirmed that the story was already written.
  9. For me, he did get shot, but he just kinda fell down where he stood.
  10. He presumably died of heart failure from the excitement.
  11. Isn't that scare in the Chapter 1 House? He's saying he's in the Prologue House. Nearly positive this happened in prologue, though I could be wrong. Though still nearly completely sure of it. I would walk out through here. Again, this only worked if I walked from INSIDE to OUTSIDE. Not sure if that's just my luck, but that's the only time it has happened to me, and it always seemed to activate when I touched the grass. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=199721139 I am guessing you are also talking about THIS sink? http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=199721121 (Sorry for having to use links, don't know how else to upload/show) Well, the issue with this being a sink scare is, the moment I walked out the door in the first picture, everything would slow down (host_timescale value reduces to 0.2-0.3 or so, I did test it) and immediately the screen would start fading to white. At 5 seconds everything would stop being visible, then 1 second later it would go back to normal. Even if there was a scare at the sink I wouldn't be able to go back to it fast enough in order to see it. Wait... That is NOT the sink scare. You said slow-mo doesn't activate and it's just the host_timescale that is reduced?? There is no wavy things around your screen? And you say it fades to white? Guys, this is the script from the beginning of chapter 1. Where you go off property and this happens. Why is it happening when he walks out his back door? It's the sink scare. The sink scare activates bullettime. The only resemblance to the sink scare is the splash. This event causes the screen to fade to white to the point where you can no longer see, and the timescale is reduced. This is all the same as the walking off property event. I don't have anything to say, I just wanted to quote all these quotes. Damn ya! Really interesting find there. Never had the sink scare before. I'll wait till the update.
  12. I've seen this before. How odd.
  13. It's like that flash-forward into the future in Alpha Protocol. What you played in Chapter 1 is more like a tape recorder. The events happened, but you're playing through a retelling of the events.
  14. Thanks for finally clearing up this subject. But this "force", it's safe to assume it's Takeo/Raito, right? It would make sense he is trying to kill Michael, as Michael has Ito working for him. Another theory suggests that Jake himself did it. That effect of getting gassed in the prologue could have made him lash out with psychic power occasionally. Just before the cop gets pushed, the glass behind Michael cracks. Takeo might have entered that way.
  15. I have a very good theory about this. Jake really was taken to the ARC facility, but it wasn't in Arizona. It was underneath the city. That's why they could get him to and from the ARC very fast; it was probably just an elevator away. However, according to what the interrogation people say, there may be a few additional events that may have been falsified by Jake that we don't know.
  16. I recorded everything. This is what happens: 1st Wake-Up: This is after Michael wakes you up from the desert escape. Beard-Man does leave at this time but he went to get a cup of coffee, while Michael tells you what happened in the ARC. Bells start ringing, and the cop leaves to find out what is happening. Michael then does that "Listen to my voice" sequence. 2nd Wake-Up: This is after you read the journal for the first time. Beard-Man is back, and the cop is still outside. Michael calmly tells Jake to go back. 3rd Wake-Up: The Doctor says Jake is having trouble, Michael tells Jake to go back inside. 4th Wake-Up: Beard-Man says that Jake's nose is bleeding. The Doc says Michael is killing Jake. Jake tells Jake to go back. 5th Wake-Up: Beard-Man: What the hell is going on out there? Cop (who was obviously in a hurry to get back): It's a goddamn airplane! Then Michael tells Jake to go back. 6th (and Final) Wake-Up: Doc: That's it! He can't take anymore, his heart s gonna explode! Beard-Man: What are you doing? You're killing him! Michael: (stands up) Jake, read it! (lightbulb explodes, Michael dissapears) Cop: There's something in the room! (Cop shoot Beard-man, then the Doc) Cop: Aaaaah (Unseen force throws the cop through the door) (Jake gets up and leaves) You can see Bryan being helped by Takeo in escaping to your right, and Michael adjusting his tie Gman style in the elevator to your left.
  17. There were two people in suits at the ending sequence: Michael and Beard-Man. Beard-Man complains that Michael is killing Jake, and Michael tells you to read the journal. Then the lights go out, Michael dissappears, and the cop shoots Beard-Man. Michael is seen escaping in the elevator a few seconds later.
  18. People believe that most of Chapter 1 was just a prequel, where you play as Jake 1. Prologue and Chapter 2 is Jake 2. After replaying Underhell, the plot is apparently much simpler than you think. After the Prologue, Jake was sent underground the city to the ARC facility. Although Chapter 1 happened, you play through a retelling of the events from Jake's mind, so certain things that happened in it may not have actually happened. Jake snaps out of it in time for Chapter 2.
  19. Bullshit. I walked over to his chair and saw him lying on the ground, limbs sprawled, lifeless face. He died instantly, and I stared at his corpse for a good minute or two before I made my way out of the interrogation room. That's the other guy (the skeptical one). If you move fast, you will see Michael alive in the elevator. He's still in play. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Quote tag broke for your name. No clue why. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Err... I saw the body, and took a screenie. Unfortunately, I had to use the console. As soon as I got close to the body, the light that showed him burst. I had to turn on mat_fullbright to actually be able to see him. So, here's his body, lying lifeless on the ground. Micheal is dead. http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/902138687560821369/EF6ABF7FF9F916ECCF0C3D02DD618F51BE10A831/1024x819.resizedimage And as for the other suited guy, he left the room to get his coffee, and after the airplane thing, he ran out of the room. That still isn't Micheal. The guy on the ground has a beard. Go look at the elevators just after you leave the interrogation room. Get a picture of that guy close-up, and show me that *that* guy isn't Michael.
  20. 7 and the 10s are the best, in my opinion.
  21. Ripped this one of Mod DB: And here's one from Google:
  22. The readme said Mxthe reskinned it. Still, the model was created by FakeFactory, and therefore its contributed if I understand right, regardless of whoever found it first.
  23. I suspect that this means all the stuff from people not on the team. Valve stuff might be okay, because there is a mod or two which got away with just using Valve models (such as Estranged), but the models from other people will likely need to be changed. According to the readme: FakeFactory made the inmate faces, "Her" (but Mxthe reskinned it), and some special textures. VerteranGamer did Smod stuff, so there could be mechanics changes. OneManShow did some beta testing and some Smod stuff. Phatcat also did Smod stuff. So, if I read this right, there will be a kicking re-implementation, as well as some remodelling to Her. (Which is good, because She and Emily from NH2 still look very similar.) Did I miss anything?
  24. So I've been thinking about the state of everything at the start of Chapter 2. Clearly, the zombies are attacking the city, but some would naturally get away into the suburbs or countryside. So how, exactly, will ALL the zombies be killed? Because even if one survives, there can be further outbreaks down the road.
  25. Ok, thank you. Its just that it would be very hard to explain, and would turn this game into more of a Fahreneit/Indigo Prophecy game, which had some real potential, and then went full blown paranormal, and this is more of a Sci-fi/horror thing which is a collection of different Genres. NH2 might be referenced maybe *one* more time in the future, but if it is, it will have just as much relevance as the easter eggs in the game. Also, to reassure you that there won't be any of that mystical doom cult nonsense, Mxthe has a plan for the story. That should ensure the whole story is good instead of just the beginning being good and then sliding into bad later.